Tricks To Stop Fogging Your Glasses While Wearing A Mask


Many people have also termed the experience of using glasses and mask together as “frustrating.” In the war of face masks and glasses, you have to wear a mask, so glasses are the only ones that have to be removed for a while or walk blindly because of foggy glasses. This article will provide tips by which every person with glasses will overcome this problem quickly and walk or drive through places peacefully, without the tension of foggy glasses. 

The Reason Behind Foggy Glasses

Here’s some science to know. Fog is continuously formed on an excellent surface or place when warm water vapors get condensed on it. The warm water vapor comes from your sweat, breath, and humidity, and body. When vapors hit any surface with less thermal energy, some power is transferred to the surface. And this ultimately results in foggy glasses. 

Trick Your Glasses To Seal Your Mask

Changes in the positioning of the nose pads of the glasses or the handles to allow more airflow can be helpful. Allowing a nice amount of air to pass between the glasses and the mask will ultimately lead to the dissipation of the thermal energy of your breadth and humidity of the body. Thus, when the condensation is less, fogging of glasses is also less. 

You can also change frame sizes to avoid the glasses from staying too close to your skin. Adjusting the frames by visiting the optometrist can also prove to be very helpful. Adding more space between the lenses and the face is the basic idea here. 

In case your mask can be pulled a little higher up the nose, use your glasses to seal the place from where the actual water vapor escapes. Place your glasses right above the material of the mask. And take care that it doesn’t slip off from its place. Properly fitting the glasses over the mask will not allow the warm vapor to escape, and thus, you are safe from getting your lenses foggy again. 

Put On Tape

It can sound awkward, but it is a more handy way if you want a hassle-free experience. Putting tape around the bridge of your nose can prevent the warm vapor from coming out. Always use a sport or medical tape and avoid using any duct tape or anything that is not for human skin. You can always use a tape that is manufactured for sensitive skin or always try it out to not cause any irritation to the skin. 

Special Fog-Free Materials To Keep The Foggy Lens Away

Glass lenses constantly get easily fogged, but glasses are made of some other materials available in the market, which avoid getting foggy. Some of them are polycarbonate and plastic glasses. 

Some other treatments like anti-reflective or anti-fog are also available. In an anti-reflective treatment, glare is reduced and adds hydrophobic coating, preventing water, fogging, and smudging of the glasses. Anti-fog treatment is said to be done in most sports sunglasses and ski goggles as it is essential for snow sports. These sports sunglasses or goggles are designed in such a way to permit venting and resists fogging. 

Clean Your Glasses Properly

Proper handling of the glasses and regular cleaning of them is essential to avoid fog to a great extent. Dust, smudges of fingerprints, and even scratches can give ground to condensation to cling on. Handle your glasses with care to avoid getting scratches and also avoid leaving fingerprints on them by directly touching the glass. You can use soap and water or any gentle dishwashing soap that has properties to reduce fogging. 

Dishwashing soaps have a unique property of reducing the water’s surface tension by which a thin film of water can cover the place in place of mist. This step proves to be helpful most of the time. 

The Bottom Line

If none of these solutions are working for you, then there is undoubtedly good news. Many products are available in the market, including wipes and sprays, to prevent the glasses from getting fogged. But before buying anything, make sure you check out that none of the ingredients would be affecting the material of your lenses. And also, see the buyer reviews available. 

The warm vapor of our breath touching our eyeglasses and turning it foggy is a common problem. Apart from the tricks mentioned above, the treatments can be beneficial to get long-term benefits. But, in short, fog prevention tips are temporary if you do not apply the anti-fog treatment. And to get the best results, they must not be ignored and should be used regularly