Piercings That Benefit Your Health


Tattoos, body piercing, ear piercing are pretty common nowadays, more for fashion reasons but did you know that there are many health benefits involved with piercing? Suppose you have heard about the terms acupuncture and auriculotherapy. In that case, this might not be that surprising to you that there is a whole branch of medical science related to the study of piercing points and the health benefits.

Body piercings are not new to the world; there are records as old as 2500 BCE of ear piercing. Many ancient cultures used to practice body piercing as a form of worship, religious symbolism, jewelry purpose, sexual pleasure, and even for health benefits. 

Some say that ancient Persians, Egyptians, and Romans used to practice ear piercing for health reasons such as improving eyesight, aid digestion, and even menstrual problems. In contrast, pirates used to pierce their ear lobes to improve vision.

So let’s look at some of the piercing practices and the health benefits involved with them.

Ear Piercings

Ear-piercings consist of a whole separate branch of medical science known as auriculotherapy, which states a connection between specific points on the ear with other body parts since the nervous connection to the brain passes through the ears. Hence it’s proven that piercing at particular points on the ear-lobes can stimulate reflexes to relieve pain and help regulate bodily functions. 

Nose Piercing

Mainly involved in aiding women’s reproductive organ-related ailments, nose piercings are common in Indian culture. It helps ease pain during period cramps and childbirth.

Tongue Piercing

Your digestive health can be kept in check with the help of a tongue piercing. This is not yet proven.

Navel Piercing

Some believe this helps to improve fertility.

Some Of The Benefits Of Auriculotherapy 

Auriculotherapy consists of a vast and significant part of acupuncture science compared to others, and most of the illnesses and other medical conditions can be cured by applying acupuncture science.

Improves Eyesight 

The center of vision connects to the central point of the ear; hence piercing or applying pressure to that point can help improve eyesight. 

Better Brain Development If Done At A Very Young Age

The median point that connects the left and the right hemispheres of the brain connects to the ear lobes. Hence, piercing can ensure better brain development, but this method only works if done at a very young age.

Reproductive Health 

Auriculotherapy can benefit in ensuring good reproductive health in women, according to Ayurvedic theories. The ear-lobe has a central point, which connects to the reproduction system in women, and putting pressure on his point can guarantee better reproductive health.

Sperm Production

Even in men, the ear-lobes consist of a tissue that helps improve sperm production; hence in many cultures, ear piercing in boys is a common practice even compulsory in some. 

Auditory Health

Master cerebral and master sensorial are two critical points related to good auditory health and better hearing ability. These points connect to the ear-lobes; hence piercing at this point cab ensures overall auditory health. 

Mental Health

Besides seeing a mental health therapist, there is one more alternative to aid your mental health and counter problems such as OCD, anxiety, etc. The point on the ear lobe that connects to the master cerebral end of the brain helps prevent mental illness.

To Conclude 

Our body parts and organs connect to the brain by several systems like the circulatory and nervous systems. Studies research such connections and points to aid ailments, but piercing has side effects too. Hence it’s always recommended to contact a professional, licensed practitioner.