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Bad Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery


There is no world where beauty isn’t able to transcend any boundaries. Society is beefed up with the fake notion of beauty and its power that many people fall prey to the ideas and want to create them themselves by going under the knife.

There is no issue with the idea of plastic surgeries. However, when people get addicted to the idea of achieving their too perfect dream to come true, they often end up ruining their true beauty and often regretting their decisions.

Here Is A List Of Celebrities Who Got Botched Up By Cosmetic Surgeries

Mickey Rourke

With a facelift, hair transplant, upper eyelid lift, chin implants, and soft tissue fillers, Rourke has never denied going under the knife. Recounting one of his many surgeries, Rourke did admit that he was not entirely happy with the results. Many of his surgeries were to correct the injuries, which were common in his life as a boxer.

The sadder fact is that the multiple surgeries over the years caused his face to be almost unrecognizable to his previous boyish charming looks. Surgeons have raised concerns over his face becoming paralyzed because of repetitive Botox shots. 

Heidi Montag

When Montag said she had more scars on her body than what a person in a car accident would have, she did mean it. 

With rumors claiming Montag to have undergone ten surgeries in a single day, the star has admitted to multiple surgeries that forged her into a doll. With Botox shots, brow lift, nose job, neck and waist liposuction, and breast and buttock augmentation, the list seems endless.

Years later. In an interview, Montag said that she regretted the decision that she made in her youth, which has left her with lifelong complications.

Yolanda Hadid

Mother of supermodels and a model herself, Yolanda, had succumbed to the notions of beauty standardized by society and gone under the knife to escape from the judgments.

But years later, she regrets her decisions and asks the youngsters to vary things that compromise their health.

Joan Rivers

When Joan Rivers cracked jokes, we laughed with her and were blown away by her anecdotes. But when she took surgeries seriously, the world couldn’t stop her.

Even with concerns raised by family members, Joan had no delay in thinking twice about her decision. She constantly affirmed that she wanted to look better and what she did was for herself. Never shy in front of the camera, Joan often joked about her fetish for the surgeries. She believed in investing in oneself is better than splurging, and what better investment is there than keeping yourself young forever. 

Priscilla Presley

Though not bad for her age, Priscilla does give off the plastic vibes with her makeovers over the years. The facelifts and the fillers have kept her from aging gracefully. 

Not new to failed surgeries, Priscilla in the past had a bad experience with cosmetic surgery. But it is still a mystery why it has not made her question her choices.

Jennifer Grey

Always vocal about how one nose job got her out of the big league of Hollywood, Jennifer Grey never really got to enjoy the success she was swept in for. To the point where each of her interviews was incomplete without bringing cosmetic surgery to the table. The actor had to face a lot on the career front because of the surgery botch.

Sharon Osbourne

Though in her memoir, Sharon said she is over the surgeries, but what can one do when one wants it. Three years on, Sharon was on her way to get her third facelift. And a few years later, another one. This fetish for surgeries, including breast reduction, tummy tuck, and facelifts, has made the actress go through numerous transformations over the years.


These celebrities have tried to fix their imperfections by undergoing surgery. In some cases, the star admits that it was a mistake in the first place, and they should have learned to love their insecurities. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, it is vital to listen to the stories of those who had terrible experiences.