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7 Most Popular Guinness World Records


The Guinness World Record has given us some of the jaw-dropping radicalizing records in the last 64 years. Guinness World Records book still holds the conventional categories like the tallest man, fastest swimmer, heaviest weight-lifter, etc. However, the quest for exploring the quirkiest minds and unique talent is always on. Bottle flipping, dinosaur flash mobs, largest humanoid vehicle, gravy wrestling, and most drum beats with a prosthetic arm are some of the quirkiest records.

The year 2020’s edition throws light on the current trends and new-age technologies. Let’s look at some more wackiest and nerve-cracking world records.

Tallest Canine

A Great Dane named Zeus was the tallest canine recorded in history. He was over three and a half feet tall, and his owners are a family living in Michigan: the Doorlag family. The previous record-holder Giant George inspired the lofty mutt’s record-breaking career. When the Doorlag family watched this mighty giant’s story on Oprah Winfrey’s show, they conceived this idea of bringing Zeus on record. They tried to measure him on his hind leg; he was over seven feet tall. You’ll be surprised to know his height back then was more than a third of the size of an average giraffe. 

Heaviest Onion

You may have read the story: The Enormous Turnip by Alexei Tolstoy in your childhood? This world record will remind you of that story. 

Tony Glover holds the world record for his gigantic onion. Who hasn’t cried while chopping an onion? Glover’s giant could make the entire kitchen cry as it weighed almost 19 pounds. It took more than a year to grow this beast, measuring 31.8 inches big enough to cook 250 onion fries. Glover, a 50-year-old farmer, has been involved in agriculture since he was a teen. He was fascinated with the idea of growing huge onions. He feeds his onions with nitrogen-rich food and maintains the right amount of humidity. He also fitted the grow lights in his greenhouse to imitate sunlight during winters. 

Longest Tongue

Nick-a-lick, a 24-year-old California-based artist Nick Stoeberl has the longest tongue measuring about four inches long. He paints using his tongue, wrapped in a clingfilm, dips it in color, and then licks the canvas. He says he doesn’t need tissue paper. He licks off his face with his tongue if he spills anything. The only downside he believes is that he spends long hours in the washroom cleaning his tongue. He has a teen challenger named Lewis claiming her tongue is longer than his, as she can lick her eyelids. This is yet to be verified. 

Fastest Women’s Marathon

Cheshire’s Paula Jane Radcliffe is the last remaining athletics record-holder. She has won the London Marathon thrice, once in 2003, with a record-breaking time of 2 hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds, which is 3 minutes less time taken than anyone else in history. Her record remains unbroken to date; she continues to be the three times fastest marathon winner amongst women. According to Dave Bedford, the Race Director and a former 20,000-meter world Champion himself, Jane’s extraordinary performance left a significant impact on his mind besides Bob Beamon’s long jump in 1968. 

Most Push-Ups In An Hour

Crack-a-jack, 50 years old fittest Welsh-based Carlton Williams, holds the most recent record-breaking 2,220 push-ups in an hour, breaking his previous record of 1,874. As per him, he pulled off the record despite injuring his shoulders as he wanted to show the world how strong-headed physically, mentally, and spiritually the Welsh people are. He’s come this far and plans to beat Charles Servizio: a teacher’s world record of the most press-ups in 24 hours, i.e., incredible 46,001. His record remains unbroken for the last 22 years. 

Tallest Man Ever

No one may ever beat this record, experts believe. The tallest man in the history of humanity was Robert Pershing Wadlow, who died 75 years ago. Robert measured 8 ft. 11 inches tall just before his death in 1940. His hand span was more than 12 inches, shoe size 37 AA, and consumed 8,000 calories a day. His coffin measured 3ft. X 11ft. By the age of nine, he could carry his father up the stairs, who was six feet tall. In the entire history of humankind, only about ten people reached the height of eight feet and above. The current title is backed by Sultan Kosen, a Turkish farmer who is 8 ft. 3 inches tall. 

Oldest Person Ever

1875 born Jeane Calment lived for 122 years and 164 days, popularly known as the French people’s grandmother. The mighty woman saw Eiffel Tower in the making. She sold some credit pencils to Vincent Van Gogh and described him as dirty and shabbily dressed. Calment was an active woman, who cycled up to the age of 100 years, took up fencing at 85, featured in the film Vincent van me at 114 (1990). With this motion picture, she became the oldest actress to appear on the screen. Jeane stated olive oil, port and chocolate were the key ingredients of her longevity. She died in 1997, and she was last interviewed at the age of 120. 


The Guinness book of world records is known for some of the wackiest and weirdest chronicles. Right from tallest dogs to the most extended tongue in the history of humanity recorded ever. We hope you enjoyed reading this post. You never know; your name too may surface in the Guinness book someday!