Beautiful Places To Live With Low Populations In USA


We all know about the buzzing metro areas of the United States like New York City, LA, and so on. But if you’re not a “big city” person and noisy, crowded regions don’t seem to impress you, living in these places can be quite challenging. If you wish to be surrounded by the greens and mountains, have an open courtyard ahead of you, and generally enjoy the small city charm, moving to one of the rural towns should be on your list. However, you can’t simply pack and move to a small town without researching the places thoroughly. Otherwise, you may end up in a too isolated, boring, and underpaid region, which may cause you to regret your dream life. 

To help you through the process of finding the perfect small town in America that offers scenic views, welcoming people, and a fruitful job, read this skillfully curated list of the less populated regions, ideal for settling down. Let’s dive in! 

Bisbee, Arizona

With a population of only 5,200, this town lies 20 minutes from Mexico, in the Mule Mountains, having a unique world of its own. Every morning, the sun shines brightly between the mountains, giving you all the right feels you’ve been looking for. Apart from that, this old town is packed with several cute little coffee shops and bars with fantastic nightlife, featuring soothing live music.

Bisbee is ideal for artists looking for inspiration as the town is full of art galleries. An average house here costs around $130K, and you will have friendly and warm neighbors, who are mostly writers, miners, painters, and other old-school hippies, who’ve settled there to relax and recover from the ever-changing and unpredictable city life. Bisbee’s fresh air is something that you’d never find in the USA’s urban area, making it the right place to spend the rest of your life. 

Hood River, Oregon

Located near Portland, this town is a dream destination for adventure lovers. With a population of only 7,700, one can easily enjoy this place’s remarkable natural beauty at peace and ease. Hood River is full of mountains, dense forests, cliffs, rivers, and waterfalls, which is why you can enjoy various adventure sports like mountain biking, hiking, river crossing, and skiing.

Besides, this town offers plenty of different kinds of beer at a reasonable price as it is home to many breweries like Full Sail, Logsdon Farmhouse, and so on, making Hood River one of the most popular beer towns in America. You can either take up a job in the town itself or telecommute every day through a beautiful route, full of green patches. Apart from that, some excellent schools and friendly neighbors in this strategically established town make it ideal for families. 

Estes Park, Colorado

Most people dream of living in Boulder, Colorado, as it is one of the “cooler” towns in the USA. However, living in this place comes at a high cost, as it is one of the top five most costly zip codes in the state. However, just 45 minutes away from Boulder lies this small town with a population of 7000. Living here is comparatively more reasonable than other parts of Colorado, costing not more than two grand for a three-bedroom house.

However, this is a tourist destination, and during the prime seasons, Estes Park hosts more than 5 million visitors each year, which is quite a large crowd. Since tourism is the primary source of income here, there are several jobs in the same sector which you may consider. Apart from that, there are always plenty of ways to enjoy it. You may go swimming, hike up a rocky mountain, skiing and so on. 

Bar Harbor, Maine

Housing a population of only 5434 individuals, Bar Harbor is one of the most picturesque places to settle in. For hiking enthusiasts, the Acadia National Park will welcome you with splendid rocky mountains where you’d also encounter hikers from other parts of the country. Apart from that, there are several neighboring islands that you can visit on weekends. The colorful houses stretched across the beautiful coastline is something worth watching.

Therefore, settling in this small town is like living in your own little wonderland. The average household income here is $51,544, which is quite decent. Apart from that, some highly-rated educational institutes in Bar Harbor come under the top 10 in Maine. In the summer season, the local businesses flourish, especially the restaurants and bars. It is safe to say that this town is an excellent blend of tourist attractions and laid-back living. 

Georgetown, South Carolina

Even after being one of the most historical places in the USA’s history, Georgetown holds a population of only 9054 residents. If you are not a fan of leading a rushed life, Georgetown is the right place for you. The city is relatively slow as it is the third oldest settlement in South Carolina. The countless historical and cultural attractions present here have kept the people together for years.

The real estate at the waterfront of this small town is in the process of restoration, which will add up a unique charm. Talking about employment, since Georgetown has a massive steel and paper mill set up for years, several job opportunities are offered in that sector, paying a decent salary. Whether you are moving from a different place or finding your first place to settle down, the city would not disappoint you as the people here are incredibly warm and welcoming. 

Whitefish, Montana

This small town is blessed with the breathtaking Whitefish river coupled with a range of rocky mountains, making its natural beauty unmatchable! The population is as low as 7608, and the city offers plenty of wide, open spaces, which enhances the overall appeal. One of the best reasons to settle here is that the property tax is exceptionally low, making it a brilliant place to own a house.

In recent years, this region of the USA has become a prime hub of enterprises and high-tech businesses, giving rise to countless jobs. Besides, Montana has a strong economy, and there are always jobs available, paying quite generously. There are also some top-rated schools and universities in and around the town, promoting high-class education. Another critical factor is that the air in Whitefish is extraordinarily fresh and free of contagions, which has caused the people living here to lead a healthy life. 

Sedona, Arizona

Being located in the middle of the Arizona desert, this town has a population of only 10,000 residents, who enjoy the mindblowing natural beauty every single day of their life. Since Arizona majorly depends on the tourism industry to support the economy, there are several job opportunities in that sector. Apart from that, you may land some good jobs in other sectors like education, healthcare, construction, and marketing.

Besides, Sedona greatly prioritizes education, so you will mostly find good quality schools and invested teachers. The restaurants and bars are also quite diverse as they are usually packed with tourists from all corners of the world. Talking about the celebrations, Sedona hosts several unique festivals propagating performing arts and other eventful happenings like WineFests and the Light Festival. 

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Just a two-hour drive from Philadelphia lies this magical small town with a population of 8297. Being rich in history and culture, Doylestown is full of life. The people are friendly and protective of the residents, making this town relatively safe and fit for settling down. Apart from the Instagram-worthy bridges and buildings, the household constructions are also remarkable, adding a distinct charm to the town’s overall appeal.

The employment rate is excellent, and education facilities are also brilliant. The restaurants, bars, and nightlife are delightful and safe. Occasionally, you will encounter fun fairs, festivals, and cultural events on the streets, which are much different from other places. Besides, beaches and mountains are at a short distance, which will make every weekend a memorable one. 

These were some of the most cherishable small towns in the USA that you’d enjoy living in, if you’re not a fan of crowds and rushed living. Other than these, you may also consider the following ones:

  • Decorah, Iowa
  • Sanibel Island, Florida
  • Aspen, Colorado
  • Cannon Beach, Oregon
  • Cooperstown, New York
  • Taos, New Mexico
  • Lexington, Virginia
  • Chadron, Nebraska
  • Moab, Utah
  • Dahlonega, Georgia, etc


Small towns have been steadily improving with their employment opportunities, healthcare facilities, education quality, and other essential areas of our lives, making them ideal for settling down, particularly for people who enjoy lowkey, small-town life. The list mentioned above will undoubtedly prove to be an all-inclusive guide for those who wish to settle in less-populated, naturally surrounded regions of the USA that feature remarkable natural beauty and incredible quality of life.