Benefits Of Taking A Cold Shower


A cold shower might not sound very pleasing or appealing, but you might be missing out on many benefits if you’re avoiding it. Taking cold showers has many benefits, from strengthening your immune system, helping you sleep, boosting your energy levels, and speeding up your metabolism. 

We all crave hot showers in the mornings or after having a rough day at work but give a try at cold showers, and you’ll be amazed to see how much you will start to like them. Here are eight such benefits you can get from taking cold showers. 

8 Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower 

May Aid Your Weight Loss Process

Yes, you heard it right. With all the efforts you’re making to lose that nasty extra weight, why not try something effortlessly? A cold shower. Some fat cells, like brown fat, generate heat by burning fat, which will happen when you expose your body to cold conditions like in a shower. 

Next time when you think of weight loss, including a cold shower in your routine. However, it doesn’t imply that one will lose weight just by taking cold showers without changing one’s lifestyle. But taking a cold shower may contribute to increased metabolism. 

Gives Your Hair And Skin A Healthy Glow

Cold showers give a healthy glow to hair and skin. You’ll even feel it after taking a cold shower. Your skin will feel tighter due to your pores getting contracted. Unlike hot water, cold water doesn’t wash away the body’s sebum layer of natural oils. Also, because of cold water, your hair tends to become healthier and stronger over time. What’s better than a shower making you more beautiful, right? 

Improves Circulation

Though it may feel quite uncomfortable to feel cold water on your body, it does impact the blood circulation in your body. If taken regularly, a cold shower can make our circulation system more efficient. Athletes have benefited from this fact for years. Though this fact is only recently supported in data that cold water can heal a sports injury. Due to the same reason, we all use ice to reduce inflammation in case of a muscle tear or bruise. 

By bringing down the temperature of a specific body part, we encourage the circulation of warm oxygenated blood to the area, which speeds up the recovery time. 

Reduce Pain

In an article published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences, cold water applications on an affected area may have local anesthetic effects for pain relief. Cold water can cause the blood vessels to constrict, which prevents swelling and pain. Cold water can also reduce the rate at which nerves transfer pain signals to the brain, which eventually lowers your perception of pain.

Boost Your Immune System

According to some scientific studies, cold shower benefits can include increasing the number of white blood cells in the body. These white blood cells protect your body against infections and diseases. According to the researchers, this happens due to an enhanced metabolic rate, which stimulates the immune response.

Reduce Your Acne

As mentioned above, cold showers are responsible for increasing circulation in the body, but what about the skin’s surface? Does it have any benefits for the skin? The answer is yes. Dermatologists believe that hot water may trigger your skin to produce more acne. Also, for certain skin conditions like rosacea, a hot shower can cause more irritation to the skin. A cold shower can prove beneficial to help with regulating skin serum levels and reducing skin dryness.

May Help In Fighting Depression

One of the most noted benefits of taking a cold shower that one may get relief in symptoms of depression. Cold showers are known to stimulate noradrenaline – a chemical that plays a role in alleviating depression. Apart from this, a cold shower gives you mild brain electroshock that sends a significant amount of electrical impulses to the brain from peripheral nerve endings, resulting in an antidepressant effect.  

Give Relief From Itching

For those having eczema, hives, or itchy skin, taking a cold shower will provide so much relief. It gives relief because your nerves cannot transmit various sensations at the same time, meaning if you’re cold and itchy simultaneously, one of either thing will take over. Talking about the chances, mostly cold feeling overrides the itch. Though it’s just a temporary effect, and no dermatologists confirmed such benefits in the long term. 

Summing Up

Do not take cold showers if your doctor has specifically advised you not to. Many people with heart conditions take hot showers only, and in this condition, you should strictly follow it. If you have no underlying medical conditions, feel free to try cold showers and enjoy the numerous benefits.