Most Affordable Electric Bikes


The best electric bikes in the world give you a chance to speed up your daily commute and cycle around the local area without getting drenched in sweat. An electric bike gives you a bunch of possibilities. You can also select one according to your budget as these bikes range from a few hundred dollars to high-end brands costing thousands of dollars. 

Distances that seemed very far previously become comfortable with an e-bike. That’s the reason why many bike companies are witnessing record-breaking sales with e-bikes. Today, you can select many e-bikes with rising handlebars, different saddle options, and a different budget. If you live in a busy city and have trouble commuting to other places, an e-bike comes to the rescue as it will save you a lot of time. 

Also, more people are switching to e-bikes seeing climate change as it saves the environment. Here’s a quick review of the most affordable and best e-bikes to buy this year. 

Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 

This bike has many features like a rack, integrated lights, and fenders that make it suitable for almost any weather. You get a built-in USB charging port below the display and a modular battery pack that goes with every Rad model. The headlight gives you a bright 80 lumens center beam and a bright LED circle to keep you visible. With this, the rear light offers solid and bright mode when the brakes get activated. 

The sturdy and long 350 mm seat post fits almost every rider size. You won’t hear any squeaky sounds as the bike is known to be extremely quiet. This is the third generation of the RadCity Step-Thru that offers the same battery pack, motor, and drivetrain hardware as the second generation. The battery is compatible with all other current-gen Rad Power Bikes models. You can also get this bike in a high step with a larger frame. Still, it’s an excellent option for taller riders or those who want a stiffer structure. 

There are many pros to the bike, like Rad uses the same battery for every model. The battery pack can be charged on or off the frame. The gearless direct drive motor used on the RadCity and RadWagon models emits less noise and offers regenerative braking. 

Lectric XP Folding Fat Tire E-bike

The Lectric XP folding bike isn’t your standard folding bike. The fat tires of the bike roll over almost anything to save you from bumps. Though there’s no suspension on the bike, the fat tires do all the work for you, as it’s said.  You get a solid bike at such a price, which is again commendable. A solid bike means complete metal pedals, a sturdy locking folding mechanism, metal fenders, in-built lights, disc brakes, and a rear rack that feels solid. 

One area this bike could have done better is battery capacity. Honestly, 500 watts is good, but with fat tires requiring more energy, 600 watts or 700 watts would have been great. To sum up, The Lectric XP folding fat tire bike is a simple, fun bike to ride. You may not find it the most attractive, but it is very comfortable, works well for you, and of course, fits well within the budget.  

SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Folding Bike

It wouldn’t be too much to say that the Swagtron Swagcycle EB5 offers you everything you may want from an e-bike, with the added benefit of it being foldable. The EB5 is an effortless bike to own. The lightweight frame and neutral balance make it easy for you to carry it upstairs. It’s an excellent option for those who are just entering the world of electric bikes and want something easy to handle. 

The EB5 is for anyone between 4 ft 10 inches and 6 ft 7 inches can ride it without any problem. You can reach up to 15 mph on battery power alone. Also, the bike gets folded into a bag very easily without leaving any exposed pieces. In short, the EB5 is an urban bike with all the components you may need that make it great for commuting. 


Though Swagtron EB12 looks like your standard road bike but with an electric secret. The small,250-watt hub motor sits at the rear wheel, connecting to a slim 270-watt battery in a rack placed over the rear wheel. 

With EB12, you feel comfortable on the streets. The narrow tires and stubby handlebars give it responsive steering. If you’re used to riding a comfortable cruiser-type electric bike, you might have some problem adjusting as riding EB12 is a forward-leaning affair. It doesn’t mean EB12 is not comfortable. The pedaling is relatively smooth, and after switching on the pedal assist, you will ride like a dream. 

The 250-watt battery gives you enough boost so that you enjoy riding. If you’re a student or someone wanting a ride within a budget, EB12 is just for you. 

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Review

Rad Power Rad Runner is a highly affordable and versatile mid-fat tire bike. This bike is not just affordable but also built differently, keeping in mind different terrains and applications. Talking about the safety, you get the integrated lights, brake light activation, blinking mode for the rear light, and reflective tires, which are great to see. 

The Rad Runner uses the same battery pack as used by other current generation Rad Power Bikes so you can swap it with your old bike or borrow from a friend. Thick twelve-gauge spokes for improved wheel strength increase this electric bike’s maximum weight to 300lbs while it’s 275lbs on many other Rad Power Bikes. 

You’ll get many great accessory options that include a suspension seat post, a heavy-duty rear rack, wide plastic fenders, and a frame-mounted front basket with an extender for the headlight. This bike is larger, more comfortable because of increased air volume, suspension fork, lower attack angle, more off-road capability, and comes under the budget. However, it is not as versatile or affordable as the RadRunner.

Ride1Up 500 Series Review

The 500 series was the first and the most popular bike launched by the Ride1Up. It is a high-speed electric bike that can hit 25 mph up to 20 mph with the throttle-only operation. The bike has a solid frame in quality, an in-built LED headlight and mechanical disk brakes, and excellent multi-use tires. 

The 500 Series is comfortable for commuting and pleasure riding. Finally, a bike is an excellent option for a commuter or recreational bike, and under such a price, it’s a must-buy. For all those seeking to minimize the investment and maximize the utilities, this bike is perfect. 

The Bottom Line

Apart from everything else mentioned here, the best electric bike is one that suits your purpose and lifestyle. There are a few things to consider while selecting an e-bike, like size, handlebars, battery capacity, bike height, seat post, pedaling, etc. These were six affordable e-bikes you can go for; make sure you research well before deciding.