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Top Music/Podcast Streaming Services


The Era Of Music And Growing Digital Trends

Music as an industry has grown in the past years from the traditional ways of listening to radios, CDs, cassettes, and televisions; we see significant technological advancement. Now radios, CDs, cassettes, vinyl records have been replaced by online streaming services, podcasts, and other technologically advanced services.

With the growing craze and dependence on music, we have seen a spree in options to listen to music. It is common to hear of music therapies used to treat people or the growing trends in gyms where music kills boredom and boosts your workout quality. In turn, it is beneficial for the body as it increases stamina and also motivates you to work more with the growing interest in music. We have seen an equal and constant surge in online music streaming services. From office parties to house parties to clubs and even gyms, music has become an integral part of a mood and vibe setter.

Spotify, 44.2 Million 

Spotify has a ton of music and audio content easily accessible from all types of devices, making it the most popular among the masses. The foremost thing with Spotify is that you will be able to attempt it out without subscribing. There’s a free advertisement-based form of Spotify that can simply be utilized. Yet, as it is said, nothing comes for free, so in this version, you will have to bear with ads in between, and another big drawback of Spotify is that it doesn’t provide any live content.

Apple Music, 44.5 Million 

Apple Music works superbly on Apple devices, but its drawback is that it doesn’t have any web app. You need to have Apple devices, hardware, and software to access this colossally massive library of 45 million songs to choose from, along with live radio and some exclusive music.

Pandora, 31.47 Million 

Pandora is the third most utilized music streaming service due to its simple openness and the millions of tracks, playlists, and radio channels that it has to offer. One is the radio station form that lets you skip tracks and give thumbs up and down to the specific way. The second is a full-on request music streaming benefit, which offers improved streaming quality music downloads and offline channels.

iHeart Radio,  25.9 million Subscribers

iHeartRadio is another exceptionally well-known online music streaming benefit coming at number 4 in the best five music streaming podcast list.iHeart Radio capacities as the National umbrella brand for iHeart media radio it is the biggest radio broadcast within the US iHeart Radio offers a few of the finest ever found curated playlists and radio stations it too provides a premium on request music benefit with millions of tracks. It moreover permits you to make your personalized playlist concurring with your dispositions.

Google Play Music, 21.77 

Google Play Music is another exceptionally prevalent music location that’s 5th within the best five music podcasts list propelled and overseen by Google as a portion of its Google Play line of benefit the application permits its clients with a standard account to store up to 50,000 songs from their libraries at no cost. A paid google play music membership allows users to on request stream any tune within the Google Play Music catalog and in the YouTube music premium catalog. Google Play music moreover bolsters offline playback off tracks put away on the gadget. 

Looking on the other side of the coin, many people also prefer listening to free music, so you also need not get disheartened as youtube music is the one-stop destination for all you users who don’t wish to enter into this circle of subscription, etc. The best thing about YouTube Music is that it has many exciting playlists, it integrates well with Google service, and the most useful it’s a free version is available, but then the downturn is that it doesn’t integrate with other voice assistants