How To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth Everyday


Brush, brush, and brush! Sometimes, kids can be cranky and not like to indulge in this activity twice a day. What do you do then?

Neglecting tooth care is a mistake, and this article will guide you through seven exciting ways that will increase the creativity of helping your child brush daily.

Stick To A Routine!

You may have a long working day and feel that forcing your child into some dental care is not essential at this hour, or perhaps, you may want to sleep a bit longer and, therefore, miss your child’s dental routine for some extra sleep.

There may be numerous temptations, but you ought to remain firm on your decision and stick to a routine. The more and more you practice it, there are more chances that your child will pick up this habit and will brush eventually, even without your supervision.

Project A Cartoon That Shows Oral Health!

It is essential that you mentally prepare your child about the after-effects of brushing teeth regularly. Show them a cartoon video of tooth decay and all the problems that arise if they do not follow this routine. Kids are quick enough to grasp something they saw in a video than something they have heard.

So, every time your child makes a fuss, go back to the video and remind him or her about tooth decay, a villain here, and they will listen to you gradually. This trick is said to be the most helpful one, so it’s better if you too give it a try.

Play Some Music!

Kids love to dance and play around. So this is an excellent opportunity to lift their mood and play some music they adore to listen to daily. While they gently brush their teeth, teach them some easy dance moves for two minutes.

One…two…side brush!

Three…. four….in front!

Five…. six…. side brush

You can count numbers on the beat and make it a fun activity. Also, one can teach their kids to use electric toothbrushes too. But make sure you train them on how to use it and to maintain it.


Rewards are motivation tools that encourage your child to repeat the same behavior for more and more rewards. What does your child like? Stickers, paints, books, toys? You can make a calendar and tick mark all the days they have brushed twice, and if they’re regular, then reward them at the end of the month.

Most kids like sweets and chocolates too. But is gifting chocolates good for dental health? If you do so, you are missing out on the fundamental concept of brushing regularly. 

Come Up With A Bedtime Story!

Again, apart from videos, kids are very passionate about bedtime stories, and it evident that they tend to remember some good and evil characters for days. Many books portray their characters brushing teeth or if you can’t search for one, make your own story wherein the main character fights all the cavities away and stay healthy for the rest of his life.

It will surely make your child interested in the characters and familiarize them with terms related to oral health.

Shop Along!

Let your child pick up his toothbrush. Giving your child a chance to decide on the shape, size, and color will seed interest in them and will make them aware that their consent matters here. This is to focus on the importance and the relevance of daily brushing and flossing in our lives.

Also, teach them about the various toothpaste flavors available and decide which one they want to use. So if they do not enjoy a mint flavor, you could pick up a different flavor.

Be An Example!

Children tend to follow and practice from their parents. And so, you have to practice what you preach. Imagine yourself not brushing before going to bed and forcing your kid to do so!

Well, your kid will question you, and therefore, to set an example to your kid, you can join and brush along with your kids. This will put in some bonding exercise as well. So if your child regularly sees you brush and floss, there are high chances that he or she will also brush and floss.

The Bottom Line!

Teach your children about dental hygiene early in childhood, and they will keep it in mind forever. Strong teeth are the core of overall oral health, so you should not neglect this vital activity.