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Top 10 Scariest Roller Coasters


Even though roller coasters can seem big and scary, they are still very safe. Anyone can go for a ride on one of them. You might find some roller coasters with some weird and different features, especially on the list below. 

It is essential to know that this list can be subjective and different people can have different opinions. This is because multiple factors can make a roller coaster scary. Height and speeds are one of them, but some roller coasters are not the tallest nor the highest, and they do not drop as straight either, but they will still scare you. This is why some roller coasters just need to be experienced, and when you do so, you will understand why these roller coasters are so scary. Not every roller coaster has to do speeds of over 90 miles an hour and do 100 turns for you to have a good time.

Outlaw Run, Branson, MO

This roller coaster is in silver city, Branson, MO, and it has the only double barrel roll on a great wooden roller coaster. The roller is 720 degrees. This roller coaster took $10 million to make, and it takes you through the Ozark Mountains, and there is a drop of 162 feet. 

Gatekeeper, Sandusky, OH

This massive machine is a wing roller coaster, and it goes over 67 miles an hour. The distance is about 4164 feet. A wing roller coaster is a roller coaster that has the rider’s seats on the sides of the track and not below them, so there is nothing above or below the riders, and they are almost in the air. The Gatekeeper starts its journey at the park’s beginning at an entrance and goes through two towers. It would be best to not eat anything before you get on the roller coaster because this ride gets inverted six times, and there is a 164 feet drop. This ride lasts for about two minutes and 20 seconds. 

Millennium Force, Sandusky, OH

If you wish to go to this roller coaster, you will have to visit Cedar Point in Sandusky, the same as the gatekeeper. This ride is 310 feet high, and the roller coaster moves at about 93 miles an hour.  This ride is about a mile long. People consider it to be a giga coaster as it climbs high and then just dives down. The descend on this roller coaster is 80 degrees, so it is almost straight down, and the drop is 300 feet long, so be prepared to get your heart stopped with excitement. 

Manta, Orlando, FL

You will find this roller coaster in SeaWorld in Orlando. This roller coaster makes four inversions when it is about 98 feet in the air. Initially, the ride is easygoing, and then it takes a dive, where things get interesting. If you feel scared, you can look at the fish, stingrays, coral, and marine life as this is a floor-to-ceiling aquarium.

Banshee, Mason, OH

Banshee is the longest inverted roller coaster that you will see in the world, and there are seven twists and turns, and this goes over 4124 feet. You would be screaming when you reach the zero-g roll, the batwing, dive loop spiral, and much more. 

Intimidator 305, Doswell, VA 

You will find this roller coaster at King’s Dominion in Virginia. This roller coaster is after the legendary Nascar driver Dale ‘the intimidator’ Earnhardt. This roller coaster has a massive drop of 85 degrees, so it is almost a straight drop. The positive forces that you will experience when you are at the bottom will unsettle you for sure. There are many abrupt changes, and this will keep you thrilled all the while. This is a giga coaster that is worth trying because of how great the experience is. 

El Toro, Jackson Township, NJ

This is at Six Flags Great Adventures in New Jersey with roller coasters that are faster than this one, but this is the fastest wooden roller coaster globally. This can move at about 70 miles an hour. Even though it is not the fastest nor tallest, it has a lot of air time, making the roller coaster very scary. This is a perfect example of not needing a fast roller coaster to have fun and have a great time. This is one roller coaster that you cannot just look at the height or speed and determine how good it is, but you have to actually ride it and experience it properly.

Goliath, Valencia, CA 

This roller coaster is at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and it can reach speeds of over 70 miles per hour. People do not usually consider this a wooden roller coaster because it does not look like one. This is the tallest as well as the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. The vertical area is about 85 degrees, and it is very steep, so the fall is thrilling. 

The Boss, Eureka, MO 

This roller coaster has the potential to be one of the fastest roller coasters that you can go on today. It can depend on the weather, passengers, and many other variables. This roller coaster does not have the standard white painted lattice found on the older wooden roller coaster. This uses unpainted lumber that is pressure treated, and this material is in most modern-day wooden roller coasters. This is one of the longest roller coasters globally, and it is about 5000 feet long. The drop from this roller coaster is about 150 feet high, so you would be very thrilled when you go for a ride on this roller coaster. 


Before you visit a roller coaster, you should be aware that these places have restrictions like height, so you have to be of a specific size if you wish to ride on the roller coaster. You can check on their website about such restrictions and then go for the ride. Find one of the roller coasters above and endure the ride of your life