Starbuck’s Secret Menu!


Starbucks is a very famous coffee brand all over the world. It contains many colorful drinks, hidden with great taste! You will be shocked to know that Starbucks has a secret menu, and Starbuck has created their menu by updating the old one. Starbucks has developed over 58000 drink combinations by using common and easily available ingredients. If you are tired of tasting the same cappuccino, then order something special from their menu. Unfortunately, Starbucks does not train their employees to make these drinks, so you must give them the recipe instead of simply telling the name of the drink you want.

As you’ll know that Starbucks doesn’t have a special menu for making drinks, so you must order them by telling them the ingredients you want in your beverage instead of telling them the name.

Here Is The Best Way To Know About The Drinks And How To Order Them


This will help them determine the cup’s size, whether you want your drink in short, tall, grande, trenta, etc. 

Base Drink

This is the particular drink you’ll find on their regular menu, and this is what you’re going to get customized according to your taste.


You can choose whether you want water or milk in your drink.

Additions And Toppings

Here is the favorite part, you can get add-ons according to your preferences, like extra hot and whipped crème or caramel drizzle on top of your drink.

 Cookies And Crème/ Oreo Frappuccino

The drink base is a white chocolate crème frappuccino. The additional toppings are of java chips, and this variation is loved by many. Give it a try. You won’t regret it. 

Thin Mint Frappuccino

This has the base of a matcha green tea crème frappuccino. Remove the classic syrup and replace it with one pump of mocha sauce and one pump of peppermint syrup. Also, you can add toppings like java chips and mocha drizzle. You will become a fan of this drink, and also, it is not over the top in sweetness. It is the right balance of thin mint in a glass. 

Cocoa Puffs Frappuccino

The base of this particular drink is a mocha frappuccino, and you can add two pumps of chestnut praline syrup. Unfortunately, this drink is only available in winter due to the chestnut syrup. Nevertheless, this drink is fantastic and will remind you of your childhood memories with this cereal classic.

Cap’n Crunch/ Captain Crunch Frappuccino

For strawberry lovers, this drink is a must. Its base is a strawberry crème frappuccino. Remove the classic syrup and replace it with one pump of caramel syrup, one and a half pump of toffee nut syrup, and one pump of hazelnut syrup. If you want, you can get java chips blended in. 

Dirty Matcha Frappuccino

It has a base made of matcha green tea crème Frappuccino, and you can add one or two espresso shots. This drink fully embraces the matcha flavor. First, it has a grassy taste, and then it is so smooth and delicious. 

The Undertow

This drink has a base made up of iced double espresso. You can get your drink by customizing it by adding two pumps of Madagascar vanilla syrup or a scoop of hot espresso that will float on top of the creme. It is a coffee drink with a splash of milk at the bottom of the cup. It is super delicious. 

Minnie Mouse Frappuccino

This is the Disney Park copycat recipe, another pink drink that tastes amazing. The base is a white mocha crème frappuccino, and the additions are light strawberry puree and one scoop of java chips blended in. Also, you can add one pump of dragon fruit. This drink is packed full. You can choose the toppings of your choice, whether you want a mocha cookie crumble, a scoop of java, or anything you like. 

Raspberry Caramel Macchiato

The base of the drink consists of caramel macchiato. Add vanilla syrup and raspberry syrup to complete the drink. 


Starbucks has varieties of drinks available, and they don’t have a specific menu. However, they are leading the market because they are globally available. Don’t forget to tell the baristas how to make the secret menu drink you want since they don’t have the recipes.