Small Cities That Make Great Homes


Many people dream of living in a big city but eventually get tired of the daily rush and desire a calmer lifestyle. Even if there are several reasons to stay in a big city, such as better transport connectivity, better jobs, higher earnings, and so on, we cannot ignore what small towns have to offer. People become more money-minded than ever and have no time for friends and families because of the rushy lifestyle and never-ending corporate hierarchy. Small cities, on the other hand, offer a low-key and peaceful lifestyle. They remind us about being grateful for our life and teaching us how to find happiness in small things. 

But then again, picking the ideal small town for staying in is a bit of a challenge. You don’t want to be completely isolated in the middle of nowhere, finding your sense of peace. A certain amount of transport and network community, good neighborhood, reputed educational institutes, adequately earning jobs, and a fair number of entertainment hubs are still a requirement for most people. And to help you find the right place to meet with your inner self, and enjoy a down-to-earth yet sophisticated lifestyle, here’s a guide with our list of some of the most beautiful small towns.

Indeed, there have to be some considerable benefits of moving from the big, bold New York City to a small and subtle town on the outskirts. Well, to begin with, you will save a lot of money in small towns, not just because of the low home prices, but also because of a shift in the mindset. You probably wouldn’t need your daily cup of Starbucks. Instead, you would start enjoying grinding fresh coffee beans by yourself, or the local coffee shop would be just fine. You can learn a lot about culture and heritage and the arts scene in small towns. You tend to devote more time to your family and friends, which eventually strengthens the bond. You also learn the value of unity and companionship and focus more on collective growth instead of individual interest. 

With that, here are some of the most lovely small towns with an incredibly satisfying quality of life. 

Boulder, Colorado

If you like mountains and sunshine, this place is just for you! Boulder is situated in Northern Colorado and views an incredible range of the Rocky Mountains. You can find bright sunshine for 300 days of the year. There is a wide variety of outdoor activities for you to explore on the weekends. The best part about this small town is that the people here live with a super optimistic mindset. They don’t live to work but instead believe in work to live attitude. You can find plenty of job opportunities in the media industry, as Bouler happens to be one of the leading towns in media firms related to television, radio, newspaper, etc. 

Porto, Portugal

Porto is one of the oldest European cities, situated in southern Portugal. It is probably one of the finest yet most underrated towns with epic beaches, sunny weather, and wholesome people. Porto also happens to be a fashion hub, as it houses several fashion designing institutes, fashion brands, etc. The food of Porto is also quite interesting, and the nightlife is spectacular. It is a small town, but it provides everything you may need. You can work during the day, hang out with your friends at one of the many pubs at Porto, and probably plan beach visits on the weekends with your family. 

Mexico, Missouri, North America

Mexico has had an exciting transformation lately. For the longest time, it was a small and super subtle town. But, ever since 1970, Mexico has been hosting an iconic festival at St. Louis called the Miss Missouri pageant. St. Louis is just a two-hour drive from this small town, and the winner of this pageant gets a chance to compete at Miss America. The real estate deals here are pretty profitable, and the house prices are low too. The people are both- loving and lovable, and they welcome new residents wholeheartedly. You can learn a lot about community living and the importance of family and companions here. Other than that, there is a wide variety of leisure activities, such as art classes, bowling, golf, etc. 

Innsbruck, Austria

If history fascinates you, you should consider Innsbruck in Austria. Innsbruck is the fifth-largest city of Austria, but it is still one of the small cities, considering the area and population. The city is full of historic buildings and places of national historical importance. The town brings super positive energy, majorly because of the picturesque surrounding and warm people. The buildings, restaurants, and other establishments are vibrant colors, making the place look beautiful. There are also some of the most world-famous hiking and skiing locations here in Innsbruck. So, if your dream is to live a lowkey life among the mountains while enjoying your weekly skis and hikes, moving to Innsbruck should be on your bucket list. 

Westlake, Florida

Westlake is for those who wish to live in close communities and a limited population. According to a 2019 survey, the population of Westlake is only 1,447. However, you should know that this small city has a nice layout, in terms of local, residential and public spaces. When more development takes place, the prices will rise. There is also an emergency hospital care service at a distance of 20 minutes from Westlake. If you want to enrich the closeness of communities, the importance of living in unity, and the overall peace that a small, subtle town carries, Westlake is the place for you. However, you should know that the educational facility may not be the best here. So if you are thinking of starting a family, you should probably consider other towns. 

McPherson, Kansas

Sometimes, small cities are less inclined towards adopting a progressive attitude. However, such is not the case with McPherson. It may be a small town, but the people here are highly educated and in touch with progressive ideologies. This small town also has an incredible amount of focus on art and culture. There are two significant theatres here that offer an extensive range of art performances related to music, dance, drama, etc. The town is also full of reputed schools and colleges, particularly in the arts field. This is why McPherson is the small and secret heaven for any art lover. 

Bergen, Norway

The last small town on this list is Bergen, Norway. The city is particularly famous for its outdoor activities. From hiking to skiing, you can enjoy any sport or leisure activity to pass your weekend. The best part about this town is that it features an impressive work-life balance. Most of the sectors receive high salaries and an empowering work environment. Even though the place is cold, surrounded by snowy mountains, the people here are equally warm and welcoming. Bergen is an ideal place if you want to excel in your professional life while ensuring a healthy family life. 


Well, these were some of the most suitable small towns for those who wish to take a break from the city’s hassle-prone life. Apart from the cities in this list, you may also consider small towns like Hobart in Australia, Aachen in Germany, Asheville in the USA as they feature national parks, national forests, and a fresh, natural ambiance. We hope this guide helps you make the right decision.