Must Have First Aid Kits For Babies


Even though none of us wish for it, you must have a medicine kit at home for emergency use. Otherwise, you may need to rush to a store and waste time. Pediatricians suggest parents keep thermometer strips and medicine droppers along with diaper bags. 

During the first year and after that, many older babies and newborns face ailments. Stuffy noses, gassiness, fever, and toothaches are common. First aid kits are handy in such conditions for quick relief. Here’s what your infant first aid kits should have.

Make Sure Your Safety 1st Kits For Newborns Have These Items Readily.

    • Nail clippers
    • Digital thermometer (for quick results)
    • Cotton balls and gauze pads
    • A nasal aspirator
    • Saline drops

As Your Baby Grows Old (Say Six Months), Add More Such As:

    • Ibuprofen and acetaminophen for pain and fevers 
    • Bandages
    • Toddler toothbrush
    • Benedryl or diphenhydramine for allergic reactions
    • Hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes
    • Baby gas drops
    • Gauze, scissors, and tape
    • Gloves
    • Medicine dropper
    • Emery board
    • Baby comb
    • Antibiotic ointment
    • And antibiotic cream for 2+ years

Fridababy Prep Kit For Sick Days

This first aid kit will be amazing for allergies and trivial illnesses due to weather changes. Fridababy has a nasal aspirator if your infant may require it to breathe smoothly. This medicine cabinet also includes other fantastic baby products like a paci-shaped dispenser. Using this, you can easily manage your kids’ medicines. The pack also contains medicated snot wipes, medicine droppers, and natural vapor rubs for your toddlers’ stuffy noses.

Safety 1st: Baby Grooming And Healthcare Kit Of 25 pieces


Safety 1st is one of the best kits for babies. It is a kit specifically for babies and their first-time parents. From a medicine spoon to a diaper bag, the first-year needs of your infant are all in here. If you do not have all the baby essentials hiding in your medical cabinet, you need this one.

In the Safety 1st kit, you’ll get 25 necessary first aid items. These include a bottle medicine dispenser, nasal aspirator, toddler toothbrush, and a digital thermometer 3-in-1 (in a case). In addition, it can meet your kid’s grooming needs with a cradle cap combo and emery board. Best of all, these are in a clutch case which makes management simpler. 

Health And Grooming Kit (Deluxe) By American Red Cross

If your baby is one year old or younger than that, this kit is perfect. American Red Cross’s medical cabinet for toddlers contains all basic grooming and medical items. Pediatricians are sure your little one needs them. This pack will contain a medicine dropper and a nasal aspirator for baby boogies. Moreover, it has a medicine spoon and a digital thermometer. 

Apart from medical items, these aid kits also have a few handy grooming items such as a fingertip toddler toothbrush, comb, scissors, brush, nail clippers, and a tiny mirror. The combos and scissors are of beveled edges, so nothing hurts your infant. Most of all, these goodies come in a see-through bag. So you can hang this tote bag and know what’s where.


Having a sick baby is never fun and sometimes nerve-wracking. The first aid kits above can help ease your nerves next time your baby gets sick. Make sure to always have the essentials on you in case of an emergency.