Different Ways To Start A Conversation


We all have experienced that moment when we have nothing to talk about and wait on the other person to lead the conversation. After reading this article, you will enhance your conversation skills by following these simple tips and tricks. 

Don’t Forget That You Are In This Together

For a brief conversation to lead naturally, you must consider other people’s interests and acknowledge a shared experience. This is an approach which we use most of the time while talking in general with anyone. 

You can use this same approach to make a business deal or socialize at a party and when everyone is trying to give an excellent first impression. Also, use your words wisely and do not be too frank, as you might end up commenting on something offensive unintentionally. 

Notice The Small Yet Exciting Details

When you want to start a conversation, always begin by complimenting something about the other person. This is quite the opposite of the first approach as you try to be more polite by noticing something pleasant. 

 For instance, you can address the meeting and say that it was productive and exciting. You can also acknowledge the efforts put by other people. 

Compliment And Praise

We all love hearing good, sincere compliments. So what is better than complimenting the person you want to build a connection with? You can simply be honest about how you feel about the person’s particular feature and make them feel good about themselves by telling them. 

Also, keep in mind that not everyone reacts positively to comments based on physical features. Many people have insecurities and overthink everything. So always avoid words based on material possessions because that leads to a detour into someone’s territory. You can start by complimenting the other person’s dressing sense or by admiring their hairstyle.  

Ask For Suggestions And Consider The Opinions Of Other People

It feels good when someone considers our opinion. So if you want to lead your conversation to the right path, you must ask other people’s views. This is a good gesture and ensures the other person you are interested in their point of view. 

Always ask for small and reasonable opinions rather than asking someone what their political views are. 

Offer Help

If people assume you to be mean and unapproachable because of your poor communication skills, then you can prove them wrong by offering to help them. If you are in a position where you can help the other person by lending a hand, you must go for it. 

Look For Common Ground

Sharing common interests with someone makes the other person connect with you better. Having the same background and sharing the same experience will immediately lead to mutual understanding and will lead the conversation ahead. 

You also get to know the person more when you have the same interests. 

Don’t Be Shy To Ask For A Favor

Just the way you show interest in someone’s opinion, it is safe to ask someone for help or a favor. Also, keep in mind that you are not asking for a favor which the other party cannot offer. 

Once you’ve started the conversation, you can keep it going by following small talk rules. Just make sure you don’t exaggerate things in the conversation and be interested in the other person. You can find common ground and keep the conversation going. 

Be Confident 

When you are confident and make the first move, people constantly admire you for your confidence. Body language and eye contact are imperative to make a good conversation. 

So be confident and make the other party feel more comfortable. 

Talk About The Weather Or The Venue

You can acknowledge the weather or the environment around you. This is another great conversation starter. Small talk is not always the best but, sometimes it is a perfect way to start a conversation. 

You even play around and joke to make the other party more frank and comfortable with you. 

Avoid Cheesy Pick-up Lines And Asking Challenging Or Personal Questions 

Keep it basic and comfortable. Do not force a topic onto someone cause this is a major turn-off. 


When starting a conversation with someone new, some people may not be feeling very talkative. If this happens, try asking them three questions, and if they do not ask you one question in return, try to find someone else who is more invested in having a conversation with you. Once you use the tricks listed above, you should be able to start a conversation with ease.