10 Exotic Edible Flowers


For thousands of years, flowers have been a part of our diet. The Chinese used some edible flowers as an experimenting ingredient. The Romans used violets, lavenders, and roses in food and sauces. They practiced this to add flavor and enhance the appearance of food items. Many restaurants still use petals of edible flowers to make their dish look more appealing and colorful. When picked fresh, edible flowers are the best, and they can also be kept in the fridge. 

A gentle wash can help remove bees and bugs hidden inside the petals. When we talk of petals, these are supposed to be the best part for cooking. If you remove the stamens, calyx, and pistils along with the heel and the petal base, they can be eaten raw. Here is a list of some edible flowers that can transform your meal from ordinary to extraordinary. 


It’s a tall plant also called the “Holy Ghost.” It has a lavender to deep purple color. This flower works well when used in fruit salads and fish. You can layer them over the whole fish serving with sliced citrus fruits before roasting.   


The flower buds can be steamed and used. Its petals have a mild bittersweet flavor and are much more like the mums. 


They are faintly bitter and in a variety of colors. When we talk of flavors, they are strong and peppery. The flower petals need to be blanched before use and sprinkled over salads or seasonal vegetables for garnishing. You can also add them to flavor vinegar. 

Large Blossoms

Pumpkin and squash blossoms are ideal for stuffing and have been around for ages. These large blossoms have a mild squash flavor and can withstand a bit of frying. You should remove the stamens before using them, and you can stir fry the petals before you eat the flowers. 


These edible flowers signal the arrival of the spring season. You can use them as cooking ingredients in desserts, drinks, and food plates. The violet petals with added sugar make a light and lovely scented sugar for dusting over Chinese food items in addition to salads. 


These are some of the most beautiful flowers to eat as a whole. Their dark centers and brightly colored edges look very attractive. The petals can be for garnishing cupcakes. However, the petals are tasteless but give a subtle floral note to the dishes when used. For adding fun to the cocktails, try freezing them inside ice cubes. 


These are the members of the daisy flowers and have a sweet taste when picked early and young. The matured flowers are bitter; otherwise, they are lovely and honey flavored. The buds taste more than the flowers. Try adding them to salads, wine, and rice dish trays as confetti or topping. 


Americans use this plant as a whole in salads and make white clover leaf tea which is very good for colds and coughs. For ages, the red and white blossoms were a remedy against rheumatism, gout, and leucorrhea. 

Phaseolus Vulgaris

These are bright red flowers, also known as scarlet runner beans. These edible flowers taste good and can be for garnishing over soups, salads, etc. You can use its flowers and young pods to add flavor to different dishes. 

Inga Edulis

They are commonly known as ice cream beans have pom-shaped yellow and white flowers from where the pods arrive. They are sweet in flavor and reminiscent of vanilla ice cream. They are like chewy cotton candy that is juicy. The pulp found inside the pods is rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and polyphenols. You can roast the seeds before consumption as a good source of protein. 

Apart from these, some fruits and vegetable blossoms can be edible flowers. But before you incorporate them into your diet chart, you should follow a few guidelines or read relevant books to avoid allergies and other digestion problems. Use them when you’re sure about them. Don’t just get carried away by their excessive use in restaurants. Add them in the required amount to avoid health-related problems. 

Ensure that you wash them properly to remove the insects and the residues of pesticides as they may cause serious digestion problems. 


Flowers are available in a wide range of flavors and colors, from mildly sweet to spice and bitter, so always make sure to pick the top edible flowers. If you don’t have some nearby farmers, you can get them online. This will help you choose the right flowers to incorporate into your diet and enjoy healthy eating and cooking