Trending Hairstyles For Men And Women In 2021


Whether it’s your best friend’s wedding, a promotion at work, or any big day it’s always a great time to have a fresh and new haircut. With the past year being so tragic, there’s no better way to live 2021 than having an entirely different look. 

While having a new haircut sounds like fun, it might be confusing when you have so many ways to style your hair. You can choose from the classic styles or the new trends. Apart from this, modern and creative barbers have also come up with a lot of new techniques. This makes the whole selection process even more difficult. 

Whatever style you choose, you will have to stick with it for a while. That’s why, while choosing a haircut, make sure you consider the shape of your face, length of hair, and thickness of your hair. 

If you are ready for a little experiment or want to adopt the classic retro look, here are trending hairstyles for men and women in 2021. 

Trending Hairstyles For Women

Curly Bangs  

Curly hair with bangs feels like a dream and the most challenging hairstyle to wear, but it is possible. Do not get discouraged. After reading this, you’ll undoubtedly feel getting bangs is probably the best thing you can do with your blessed curls. You can try the following styles. 

Curly Pixie Cut With Bangs– For all the women out there who always dreamt of having a pixie cut but couldn’t due to natural curls, this is for you. Try out a short pixie cut and style it giving a messy or wet look. 

The Bob 

A bob haircut perfectly suits fine hair; even if you’re wearing this hairstyle for a significant time, spice up your look with these updates.

Short Bob With See-through Bangs– To add a bit of freshness to your short-hairstyle, try see-through bangs. To style these bangs, firstly straighten them and then curl towards the forehead. 

Classic Bob With Bangs– For all the divas out there, style your classic short bob with any type of fringes you want and slay your perfect look!

One-length Bob With Long Bangs – For all those blessed with straight hair, try something different and use highlights to your advantage. You can create dimensions in your bob hairstyle with hair color. 

Layered Short Bob – If you have fine hair, this hairstyle will work wonders for you. Layers are known to create volume in fine hair. The shorter pieces work with the longer ones to add a bounce to your hairstyle. 

Curtain Bangs 

Another hair trend you’ll see in 2021 is curtain bangs. Curtain bangs create a softer look than traditional bangs. Curtain bangs are loved so much because they can take any hairstyle to the next level, whether it’s a messy bun or a sleek ponytail for a more professional look. 

Razored Comb Over Bob  

If you’re a proud wearer of long hair for the longest time, maybe it’s the moment you should consider chopping them for good. Make a statement look with a deep side-parted bob this year. 

The Shag

No one is unaware of all the versions of shag that have come and gone throughout all these years. But with curtain bangs making their place in the 2021 hair trend, you might witness more women enter the shaggy territory. Let those lots of loose layers flow naturally this year. 

The Mullet 

The modern mullet, a well-known hairstyle from the 80s, makes a fresh comeback. Whether you want a professional look or a rocking party vibe, the mullet is best for both worlds. With a modern twist, the mullet is for both men and women. 

If you’re getting an extreme mullet cut, make sure you wear it confidently. With this cut, you’ll get long messy bangs, short shaved sides, and hair at the back of shoulder-length at least. If you want, you can give it a more romantic feel by letting the bangs reach up to the eyebrows and layering the hair near the temple. 


Now, as you probably know, most men lean towards short hairstyles. However, a lot of men nowadays go for medium or long hairstyles. No matter what length or style you choose, here are a few options to help you level up your game.

Trending Hairstyle For Men

The Quiff 

Quiff was the most trending hairstyle of 2020, and you’ll see a lot of men sporting the same in 2021. .Make sure you have a lot of time while getting ready as you have to spend a lot of time maintaining and styling the hairstyle, but the outcome will be worth the effort. 

French Crop 

For all those who like to keep it lower-maintenance, the French crop is a perfect fit for you. This hairstyle features a short length, fade on the sides, fringe on the top. While giving you more texture, it creates a slightly messy look. 

Crew Cut 

Finding a haircut that’s both stylish and practical could be a tricky task. Luckily there’s a great hairstyle all men can wear without any fuss – the crew cut. The crew cut is a perfect fit for all those who want an elegant style while keeping it minimal. This makes you look confident and sharp and is super easy and quick to style. 


Pompadour is going to be loved by many men around the globe in 2021. Though it is very similar to the quiff, the small details and how you style it changes the game. To get a perfect look, apply styling gel or wax and comb all your hair back. Place them to the side you want and blow dry to create volume and the quiff effect. 

Faux Hawk 

Faux Hawk makes an excellent hairstyle choice for men. The look will surely draw attention without appearing over-the-top. So if you’re seeking a style that gives you a party look at the weekends and keeps things professional during the week, this is a perfect fit for you. Make sure you choose which version of the faux hawk suits you the best, as there are many versions of this hairstyle. 

Buzz Cut 

When it comes to masculine and stylish military-inspired cuts, the buzz cut tops the list. This hairstyle is perfect for all those daring men who want to highlight their facial features with a more masculine touch. You can pick from the following versions of a buzz cut.

Crew Cut Buzz Cut Yes, you’re right, this hairstyle combines the two iconic cuts – crew cut and a buzz cut. If you have a longer forehead, go for this cut as this way you can have more hair on your forehead. 

Caesar Buzz Cut If you want an extended buzz cut but aren’t sure how to style it properly, you can go for a Caesar. Styling is also easy for this haircut; just comb your hair forward and blow-dry in the same direction. After, seal your style with a hair spray. 

Wrapping Up

A hairstyle can make or break your perfect look. As mentioned earlier, while getting a haircut, consider your face shape, length of hair, and thickness. This rule applies to both men and women.