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Top Uses For Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries to help with everything from acne and dandruff to cold sores and lice. A lot of people are unaware of all the many uses for tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is one of the most versatile oils that you can have in your home. It has many practical applications, making it a must-have for any household. This article will discuss the top ways you can use tea tree oil in your daily life.

Treating Cuts And Scrapes

You can use tea tree oil to kill any bacteria that could cause a cut or scrape from becoming infected. It provides strong antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, making it an excellent choice for preventing infection of small wounds. Tea tree oil is also helpful in treating psoriasis by inhibiting the cells responsible for skin inflammation.

It would be best to clean your wound with soap and water before applying tea tree oil, then apply a thin layer of this solution to help promote quick healing without scarring. Just remember not to use too much as essential oils are very potent! If you find yourself suffering from an athlete’s foot (a common fungus that causes itching), try mixing equal parts tea-tree oil and coconut oil together to form a balm. Apply the solution twice daily to your feet for an effective fungus treatment that will kill any bacteria or yeast infections in its tracks!

Cold Sores

One of tea tree oil’s most impressive uses is when it comes to cold sores. If you are prone, then there are things that you can do before they appear and while they’re around (if they haven’t gone away yet) using this excellent essential oil. Once you notice a cold sore, apply some of the tea tree oil directly onto the sore with a cotton bud/Q tip three times per day. This should help speed up recovery time, making them heal faster than usual. 

Natural Deodorant

Tea tree oil is excellent for combating bacteria that cause body odor. It can also help with excessive sweating, which will prevent you from experiencing any unpleasant odors coming from your underarms.

Let’s face it; nobody likes to smell bad! So use this natural deodorant by mixing equal parts of coconut oil and tea tree essential oils in a small container or jar, then store the mixture in the refrigerator before using (it solidifies at room temperature). The antibacterial properties of both ingredients work hand-in-hand to neutralize unwanted smells naturally, allowing you to walk around without worry! 

Hand Sanitizer

When out and about, it is sometimes difficult to wash your hands. You can use tea tree oil as a natural hand sanitizer at work or on the go. Add 20 drops of this essential oil into two ounces of water for an instant germ-fighting solution to kill all kinds of bacteria without any toxic ingredients. This makes it great for use when you need something quick! 

Acne Treatment

If you suffer from acne, then tea tree oil can be a lifesaver. It disinfects the skin by removing excess dirt and oil that contributes to breakouts without damaging your face like some over-the-counter products might do. Mix five drops of this essential oil with half a cup of water in an airtight container or spray bottle before applying with cotton balls/Q tips three times per day for best results! You should notice visible changes within just one week.

Remember not to scrub too hard as this could irritate, so gently wipe away impurities instead. If things get really bad, try mixing two teaspoons of witch hazel into 20 drops of tea tree oil and half a cup water, then apply twice daily for relief.

Antibacterial Spray

To make a non-toxic antibacterial spray add 20 drops of tea tree oil to two ounces of distilled or boiled (then cooled) water in an airtight container such as a glass jar/bottle before tightly screwing on the lid and shaking well. You can also use this solution to clean kitchen surfaces, door handles, or even your pillowcases every couple of days! Whenever you notice something is starting to grow, grab your disinfectant spray bottle from the refrigerator shake vigorously before spraying onto the affected area(s).

Wooden Cutting Board Cleaner

Tea tree oil is also great for cleaning wooden cutting boards; mix two tablespoons of this essential oil with two cups of warm water in a small bowl before dipping a paper towel into the mixture and wiping clean. Allow your board to air dry after rinsing off any excess solution, then store away until next use. This disinfectant cleaner will leave no dangerous toxic residues like some harsher chemicals, making it perfect for regular kitchen cleanup duties. Remember not to ingest tea tree oil directly or apply it around the eyes.

Insect Repellent

To make an effective insect repellent, mix two teaspoons of tea tree oil with one teaspoon melted coconut oil before adding into a 50ml spray bottle filled halfway with water. Store in a cool dark place or fridge for up to six months. Apply whenever you are out and about during bug season! This non-toxic solution is much safer than using harsh chemicals, so even kids will enjoy being outside again without worrying about harmful toxins getting onto their skin! The coconut oil helps the mixture spread more easily while preventing it from drying too quickly.


Tea-tree oil has antihistamine properties making it an effective remedy for allergies as well as sinus problems. You should place one drop into each nostril twice daily using either a cotton bud or nasal spray bottle (whichever works best for you) until symptoms subside completely. This powerful essential oil will help stop any infection causing swelling deep inside your nose, allowing you to breathe normally again! Try to add a few drops of this oil into your daily cleaning routine because it can help prevent any sinus infections from ever occurring in the future.

Mouth Wash

Mix five drops of tea tree oil with one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide and half teaspoon sea salt before adding to a small glass or stainless steel container filled halfway with warm water. Use this potent mixture as your new mouth wash instead of conventional brands. It is loaded with natural antibacterial properties, which will help keep bad breath at bay!

Inflammation Relief

Tea tree oil is an effective natural remedy for reducing inflammation in the body. To use, apply four drops of undiluted tea tree oil with one teaspoon cold-pressed organic coconut or jojoba oil to the affected area two times daily until symptoms subside completely. This essential oil can also be blended into your regular moisturizer and used daily without any harmful chemicals that might disrupt your endocrine system, as some conventional brands do! 

Dandruff Treatment

To treat dandruff, mix ten drops of tea tree oil with one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar before pouring it into a spray bottle filled halfway with water. Shake well before use because it is acidic, which means the mixture might begin to fizz or bubble slightly. You can now spritz your hair and scalp generously whenever required as an all-natural alternative to most store-bought anti-dandruff treatments. It’s also great for soothing any itching or irritation caused by dry weather, meaning you never have to worry about flakes again! Just be sure not to rinse out afterward unless used as a daily conditioner instead.


Tea tree oil is an effective treatment for warts and moles because it contains high levels of naturally occurring acids which help remove dead skin cells by boosting the body’s natural exfoliation process. To use, place one drop of undiluted tea tree oil directly onto the affected area twice daily until symptoms subside completely. 

Lice Prevention

Tea tree oil is an effective natural remedy for lice prevention because it contains high levels of naturally occurring acids that help kill off any existing eggs before they have the chance to hatch into actual parasites. Mix three drops of tea tree oil with half a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon coconut or jojoba oil. Then apply it directly onto dry hair every single day until symptoms subside completely. 


Tea tree oil is a versatile natural remedy for so many different uses, making it essential in every household. Whether you need to treat dandruff, lice or want to use it as an all-purpose cleaner, tea tree oil has your back! It’s also great if you’re looking for natural alternative treatments that are safe and can be used on the whole family – from children to adults.