Texas Woman Gives Birth To 6 Babies In 9 Minutes

Giving birth to sextuplets, placed a woman from Houston, Texas in the one in 4.7 billion category, when she beat the odds by giving birth to these six babies.

Thelma Chiaka welcomed to this earth, one set of twin girls and two sets of twin boys on Friday morning at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. The babies were all born between the time of 4.50am and 4.59am, with weights averaging around one pound, twelve ounces to two pounds, fourteen ounces.

According to staff of the hospital, all six of the babies are in stable condition and has been placed in the advanced neonatal intensive care unit for supervised observation. The delivery team comprised of led physician, Dr Ziad Haidar, Dr Sharmeel Khara and Dr Israel Simchowitz, who worked hard to ensure all the babies were delivered safely and the mother as well, whom they have said is doing quite well.

The hospital revealed that not all the babies were immediately given names, however the twin girls were named by their mother as Zina and Zuriel.

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Cases like these would always make the headlines, as having sextuplets is very rare. A woman in Birmingham in 1968 was the first to give birth to sextuplets on the NHS. At the time there were 28 medical personnel in attendance during the delivery. Janet Walton in 1983 also found herself in the history books as the first to give birth to an all female sextuplet in Liverpool.