Selfie In River Sealed Fate For Family

According to the police report, being swept away and drowning was the fate of a newly wed bride and three members of her family, as they were attempting to take a selfie in a very fast-flowing river, located in the southern region of India.

The entire family of six were reportedly standing in approximately waist deep water and holding hands, when one of the women stepped into a sudden drop in the riverbed, which caused her to slip, pulling the other members of her family along with her, as stated by one of the local police officers.

The husband of the woman that slipped and was swept away, managed to save the life of one other female, but could not rescue the rest of his family. His wife and and a 14 years old boy drowned.

This has caused experts to speak out again as many youngsters appear to be obsessed with the taking of selfies for social media, during extremely dangerous situation and are also going to the limit to post risky and daring photos.

Earlier this year a group of teenagers where taking photos on one of the railway tracks in the state of Haryana and after seeing a train approaching jumped unto another track to get out of its path, however not recognizing that another train was approaching on the track they jumped unto and they were crushed to death.

In another story, in 2017 three students where killed by an express train in the southern state of Karnataka, while attempting to take selfies. In the same year a young boy was crushed to death after trying to take a selfie with an elephant and the animal grabbed him with its trunk and crushed him.

A study last year by researchers from the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences said 259 people across the world had died while taking selfies between 2011 and 2017. It reported that the highest number of selfie deaths was reported in India followed by Russia, the United States and Pakistan.