Security Guard Pulls Gun On Police Officer

Sheriff’s deputy Alan Gaston, had stopped by the IRS office during his shift on 31 May to ask a question about a letter the agency sent him. Dressed in full uniform, his badge and his firearm in clear view.

The security guard, who was later identified in court documents as Seth Eklund, asked Mr Gaston to leave his gun in his patrol car. When Mr Gaston replied he couldn’t do that, he said Mr Eklund became hostile.

Mr Eklund accused Mr Gaston of reaching for his weapon, shouting “get your hands off your gun”, even though Mr Gaston said his hands were visible and nowhere near his holster.

Deputy Gaston said that he feared for any innocent bystanders in the area, so he proceeded to leave. As he walked out of the cramped office, Mr Eklund drew his gun, trained it on Mr Gaston’s back and followed him. As reported GAston said, “he came around the corner with his weapon out, telling me, ‘you had your chance, you’re not going anywhere, I’m detaining you’.”

At this point Gaston recalled that he was preparing to be shot for no apparent reason at all.

The security guard, Mr Eklund, who could not be reached for comment, pleaded not guilty to one charge of aggravated menacing in a court appearance on July 15.

The images show Mr Gaston backing away and attempting to leave the building in an elevator. However, Mr Eklund, gun still drawn, blocks the door with his foot. Mr Gaston says he felt cornered and scared. He took out his phone to take a picture of Mr Eklund and it was at this point that the security guard finally holstered his weapon.

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