Security Guard Pulls Gun On Police Officer

According to Sheriff’s deputy Alan Gaston, he thought they were on the same side, but then the security guard pulled his gun on Deputy Gaston and raised his voice. He put a hand on Mr Gaston’s arm and rested his finger on the trigger.

In this encounter, one man, Mr Gaston, was a high-ranking officer in the Lucas County, Ohio, sheriff’s department with 34 years of experience. The other was a security guard contracted to protect an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) office in Toledo.

Alan GastonWhat began with a routine errand at the IRS, in a matter of seconds, escalated into a frightening standoff between a white security guard and a black police officer, who said he heard hate in the guard’s shouts and believed he would be shot.

AS stated by Gaston, “you don’t expect to be ambushed by someone who you think is on the same team, I feel there was definitely some racial overtones involved. And I’m not the type of person to throw the race card, I’m just telling you the facts. I looked in his eyes and I saw hate in his eyes.”

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