R. Kelly Faces Sex Crimes Charges

R. Kelly is back in the news again and is this time facing four sets of separate sex-crime charges, with the newest filed Monday by authorities in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney, announced at a news conference in Minneapolis that Kelly is being charged with two counts of prostitution and solicitation involving a girl under 18 for an alleged incident in 2001. Freeman went on to explain that Kelly is charged in an incident involving a girl he met at a concert. According to Freeman the girl sought an autograph from Kelly, and he gave her the autograph and a phone number.

On calling the number, the prosecutor alleged that the girl called the number she was invited to Kelly’s hotel and offered $200 to take off her clothes and dance. He says Kelly took his clothes off and they danced together.

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Kelly is already in the courts facing federal and state sex crime charges in three separate indictments in the Eastern District of New York, in the Northern District of Illinois and in Cook County in Illinois.

Freeman was adamant stating, “it is despicable that Mr. Kelly used his fame in order to prey on under aged girls, while there are more numerous charges in the Illinois and federal cases, we wanted to make sure that our victim here in Minneapolis also receives a measure of justice. We fully expect that at some future date, Mr. Kelly will have to account for his actions in Hennepin County.”

Freeman’s office investigated the matter after getting a tip from a Chicago tip line. According to the reports, Freeman stated, “we felt we had more than enough to charge based on her testimony and corroboration from her brother, I don’t like buying sex from minors, and I don’t think most other people do either.”

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