Popular Drinks That Damage Your Skin


What most do not understand is that what you put into your body can affect the clearness of your skin. Constantly consuming sugary drinks can be detrimental to your health in more ways than one. One of the main symptoms many see first is a change in their skin. 

Everyone has a unique skin type, meaning you will have to test foods to see which ones cause you to break out the most. However, once you find the proper diet that includes all essential nutrients, you will find that your skin has a glowing complexion. Food is not the only item you need to be wary of because beverages can get you in trouble. 

So let us discuss some of the drinks that can cause damage to your skin and can impact your complexion.


You may hear or even read some facts that soda is harmful to your skin. If you are regularly consuming soda, it can increase your cellular aging because soda contains high sugar, damaging your skin. The sugar levels in soda can also contribute to a person’s psoriasis risk. Soda can also increase your heart disease complications as it contains lots of sugar.

Red Wine

People say that you should drink red wine as it is suitable for your heart health, but do you know it can cause various health problems. According to the survey done by the national rosacea society, red wine is one of the most rosacea-triggering drinks. In addition, it may affect people with asthma. You can also experience skin inflammations and irritations, which may happen to one out of ten people. These are some of the common problems that you might see after consuming too much red wine.

Almond Milk

If you want a glowing complexion, you should reduce your intake of milk. If you consume low-fat, milk, or skimmed milk, they can cause health and skin problems like acne. 

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are known to keep you up high and go through the day well. But do you know what they are causing to your skin? Due to all the sugar that energy drinks contain, it can increase inflammation. You may also get breakouts if you are a daily consumer of such energy drinks.

White Wine

White wine can sometimes cause headaches for many people. Most of us are familiar with this. White wine also contains a high amount of sugar, which can cause cell damage and increase the risk of cell aging. If you want your skin to look young and healthy, you should immediately cut down on the consumption of white wine. 

Are Energy Drinks Bad For Your Skin?

They are dangerous, but they contain caffeine which can cause a dehydrating effect on your skin. Also, a cup of coffee that you prepare with love affects your cholesterol. Unfortunately, millions of people enjoy their morning cup of coffee without even knowing it affects their skin and causes symptoms like jitteriness, migraines, and nervousness. 

Similar to alcohol, caffeine dehydrates your skin which causes your skin to look dull. This is because our skin lacks all the hydration, which makes it look unhealthy. It may also heighten your stress level as it triggers your cortisol, a stress hormone, and may result in excessive oil production, leading to breakouts such as acne. A cup of coffee is not bad for your health, but taking it in excess can be. So make sure to drink enough water after you drink a cup of coffee. 


A sugary drink is okay every once in a while, but make sure not to make it a habit. If you consume these beverages, consider taking a break and watching how your skin complexion improves. There are many healthy alternatives for drinks with low or no-added sugar. However, switching to these drinks still does not make it healthy, so consume these in moderation.