Origami Starter Kits On Amazon


Taking up origami is a wise decision considering the ongoing pandemic. Origami can help you relax and calm your mind, which in turn has many health benefits. Instead of spending money on a spa to relax and get your nerves together, origami is cheaper and is an economical choice. Ideally, the best origami kit that you could purchase from amazon should comprise paper with suitable dimensions, soothing color papers, and a guide to follow the instructions to achieve beautiful paper flowers. Here are some of the best origami tool kits that you can purchase from Amazon, delivering the origami kit right at your doorsteps.

JoyCat Origami Kit

JoyCat Origami Kit on Amazon has 4.5 stars based on 470 customer reviews. It is available at $7.99 and sold by Snowluck. The origami kit includes ninety squared papers that are double-sided with 30 different vivid prints. Designs like a kaleidoscope, Japanese art, and animal prints are on paper sheets. The paper cuts have an instructional guide with various origami crafts ranging from beginner to intermediate level. 

The guidebook also contains QR codes that redirect you to the instructional video if you prefer graphics rather than reading. The designs are aesthetically pleasing. The origami’s aesthetics can be taken to another level by the nose and eyes, stickers available, and the kit to make the origami enjoyable and eye-pleasing. Different designs of JoyCat origami kits are available but have different price ranges.

Gamenote Colorful Kids Origami Kit

Based on 3,881 customer reviews, Gamenote Origami Kit has been given 4.5 stars and has a market price of $13.95. The kit includes around ten practice sheets, and you can use the quality paper once you get a hand over your origami skills, where you can finally implement what you have learned. The kit comprises 108 double-sided paper cuts with 14 X 14 cm dimensions and intricate designs. 

The print quality is brilliant, which enhances the quality of the origami once created. It also consists of an instructional guide. The instructions are easy to follow, thereby creating a fun atmosphere with the kids or when alone. If you are worried about mother nature, note that the Gamenote origami starter kit has eco-friendly papers. The kit has a useful add-on of a cardboard box where you can store the remaining paper cuts for future use: the designs available include sea animals, insects, rockets, and spaceships.

Hapray Origami Kit

Hapray Origami Kit has 4.5 stars based on 228 customer ratings. It costs around $11.99 bucks. The $11.99 pack has 118 sheets with 54 different patterns, whereas the $13.99 kit has 152 sheets with 72 different designs. The dimension of the sheets is 5.5 X 5.5 inches. The sheets have proven to be non-toxic and can be easily handled by kids above five years. It also includes an instruction guide book of 55 pages and six pages of beginner folding techniques.

Tuttle Publishing Origami Kit

This Origami Kit contains impressive projects that can make you a professional in origami. Based on 320 ratings, it has 4.5 stars. The paperback variety costs have been priced at $11.88, while the kindle version instructions are $5.38. It comprises 30 different projects, which are extremely easy and satisfying. The origami kit includes 96 sheets having a dimension of 6 X 6 inches. Along with the 96 sheets, the kit consists of additional two sheets with a gold metallic texture for a jazzy effect. 

Furthermore, it consists of 32 pages of instruction guide along with beautiful illustrations and easy-to-follow designs. The folding sheets come in various colors. The 30-origami project includes instructions to make a sailboat, crane, rabbit, dog, ship, Japanese kimono, and different flowers. It is an ideal choice for kids and family interaction. 

Pinwheel Crafts Flower Origami Kit

The Pinwheel Crafts Origami Kit is to develop origami skills to make flowers like tulips. The kit comprises thirty flower projects that will help you create a bouquet at the end of using all the sheets. It has a bundle of 100 paper pieces of various colors. Since the origami kit’s theme is on creating flower crafts, the kit also includes stems that can bend and jewels to give a touch of aesthetics. The instruction booklet is 40 pages and has instructions that a beginner can follow to an advanced origami level. It is approximately $12.99 on Amazon, and 4.5 stars have been given based on 761 customer ratings.


Origami kits can prove to be helpful for beginners and can spark interest in origami. Investing in origami kits will help in the overall development of your mind and body.