How To Survive The Holidays


The holiday season opens up many interpretations and perspectives among people. For some, it has religious importance like Christmas or Hanukkah; for others, it brings back pain and bad memories. The holiday season, according to you, can be a joyous time, while for some, it might bring back the pain of not having a family or someone to lean on. Many have big families who gather during the holiday season but are skeptical of family gatherings to avoid comparing cousins or siblings. Hence, the holiday season is a bubble of mixed feelings and a memory carnival. Therefore, one needs to find ways to stay cool during the holidays and somehow survive the holiday season. Besides, one cannot completely ignore the glitters and elaborate decorations that flash right into your eyes. Here are some techniques that you could use to survive the jingles and jangles of the holiday season. 

Stick To Your Routine

Changing your routine may not be suitable for your nerves. When an individual maintains a routine, it is to walk hand in hand with the schedule and establish calmness, satisfaction, and time management. A slight change in a person’s routine can create havoc in terms of your mental health. If you have a routine like exercising, doing chores, or something else, it is crucial to stick to it, especially during the holiday season.

Expect The Least

The holiday season can be overwhelming, even in the pre-season duration. For instance, planning your holidays and keeping everything perfect can lead to higher disappointments if things don’t go well. While expecting the least, one is subject to many surprises and releases happy hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine. The saying, “higher expectation leads to higher disappointments,” explains it all.

Avoid Overthinking

Overthinking can be a prisoner to your mind. When you overthink, you are trapped by the barriers of your thought, disallowing you to explore and be happy. While the holiday season should be a refresher, overthinking will do the complete opposite. Therefore, during the holiday season, try out various hobbies and keep yourself occupied if you think you have a habit of overthinking.

Spend Your Time Doing Something You Love

If you are not a fan of Santa Claus or hate the tacky Christmas decorations, you can avoid them. Ultimately, it is your decision and your holiday, and you have the complete liberty to choose what you love to do. Who said Christmas should be celebrated with Santa’s, or Halloween should be celebrated in costume? You decide to make and choose what you love helps you identify and discover yourself. 

Connect With People

While if you are an introvert, you might disagree with this, but there is a good reason behind this suggestion. Connecting with people who share the same likes, dislikes and love to do similar things as you do, you can spend your holiday season amazingly. For instance, if you are a fan of anime or gaming, you can connect with people who like the same. As they say time has no bounds when met with like-minded people. 


The holiday season is the time of elaborate experiences and awkward family gatherings for some. However, you have the absolute right and liberty to spend your holidays the way you want and avoid the holiday stereotypes. It is the time meant for rejuvenation, and you can choose things that make you feel happy.