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How To Save Money When Eating Out


Most people don’t think about what they’re spending when they eat out. Most people go to restaurants and order more than they need or buy too expensive drinks just because it’s there. When you do that, you’re wasting your hard-earned money on things that add no value to your life. But if you can learn how to save money at restaurants, then the next time you want to go out with friends or family, all of you will be able to enjoy a guilt-free meal without worrying about overspending! This article includes some of the best tips and tricks for saving money when eating out!

Check For Discounts

Some restaurants offer new coupons for their business online. If you find a restaurant with good food but high prices, make sure to print out some of these coupons before you go in to save money on your meal! You can also ask your server if they know of any current discounts or promo codes that might be available. Keep in mind that the more times you go out to eat, the more likely it is for your server to remember you and offer you a discount. You don’t want them to get the impression that you’re stingy; rather, make sure they see you as someone who knows how to save money when eating out!

Don’t Order Things You Don’t Need

Getting appetizers and desserts at restaurants can be tempting because they’re usually delicious, but if you’re trying to save money when eating out, refrain from ordering these items! This is something that is pretty easy to do, but a lot of people don’t even notice it. If you’re going to a restaurant and see they have a salad option on the menu, then order the salad- it’ll save you money. 

Splitting The Entree

When you order an entrée at a restaurant, it’s usually too much food for just one person to eat. If everyone is ordering their own meals and you’re not the only one who ordered an entrée, then try splitting your meal with someone else at the table. This way, two people can enjoy a full meal without going overboard on calories or spending more money than they need to! You’ll be able to save money when eating out by doing this, as well as have more fun with friends or family members over dinner!

Don’t Buy Drinks

If you’re at a restaurant, you might feel compelled to buy drinks along with your meal. Don’t do this if it’s not necessary! Drinking water is the cheapest option when eating out, and if no one else in your party has alcoholic drinks, then opt for that as well. You can take advantage of free refills of soda and iced tea, too- some restaurants won’t even charge for these small things. Try to save money when eating out by avoiding buying drinks; you’ll end up saving a ton of money over time!

Try A Later Lunch

This is something that most people don’t think about when they eat out. Often, you’ll notice that there are two different prices for an entrée- one price if you come before 4 p.m. and another price after that time. Saving money by coming to a restaurant at off-peak hours is something that not many people do! If you can visit a restaurant earlier or later than usual, then try doing so. You’ll be able to save some cash this way and enjoy better service with less crowded tables around you!  

Credit Cards

Credit cards with rewards are a great way to save money when eating out. For example, you could have a credit card that offers 2% cashback on restaurant purchases! There are lots of different credit cards with cool benefits out there. You can do some research online to see if any of them offer you a good incentive for signing up and using it enough times. Just make sure to pay off your balance each month before the due date, so you don’t have to spend more than necessary!

Happy Hour

Happy hour is when restaurants offer deals on food and drinks during certain times in the day or night. If you’re visiting a restaurant that isn’t busy during happy hour, consider eating there then! You can also make reservations beforehand if you know it will be packed. No one wants to go to a restaurant when it’s so busy that they can’t even get in. To avoid this, try heading out earlier than usual and taking advantage of happy hour deals- you’ll be able to save money when eating out if you do!

Daily Specials

Daily specials are offered at some restaurants on certain days of the week. You can usually look online to see what they are. If you happen to go to a restaurant on the day that it offers its daily special, then make sure to try it- you might find out it’s something delicious! People often don’t even know about these daily specials, but you could be missing out on saving money when eating out by doing this! Often, the dishes offered on these special days are cheaper than usual, so if you’re able, go eat there instead of somewhere else during the week!

Still Tip!

Tipping is something that people don’t always think about, but they should! Tipping is an important part of dining out because it’s someone else’s job to provide you with food, drinks, and service- all things they need to make money for themselves. So remember to leave a tip after you eat out! 


Enjoying a meal out with friends and family can help bring everyone closer together. Going somewhere new and trying different foods is exciting and rewarding when you get to save money while doing it! These tips will allow you to save money when eating out, no matter where you go!