Do You Need To Flip Your Mattress


How Frequently Should You Rotate/Flip Your Mattress? 

When you purchase a fresh mattress, you can follow these general rules to make it last longer

    • Washing it weekly
    • Vacuuming your mattress monthly
    • Utilizing mattress shield

Just like that, they are flipping the mattress will prolong the use of your mattress. But all mattresses cannot be flipped/rotated.

If your mattresses can flip, how frequently should you turn over your mattress? If it is not able to turn over, then how frequently should you turn around the mattress?

Before looking into these questions, let’s get to know the difference between turning over (flip) and turning around (rotate). 

The Contrast Between Turning Over And Turning Around The Mattress

Turning over and turning around both prolong the life of the mattress. This will enable you to get a considerable amount of sleep. Mattresses are made up in various ways and have various maintenance needs. Not every model can be turned over or turned around. Some mattress manufacturing trademarks prevent warranties so that all you have to do is flip it to the other side. 

Flipping A Mattress

These days beds have specific layers made for a particular purpose. For instance, the base of the bed will increase durability, whereas the top covering provides cushioning. When you turn over the mattresses, the layers won’t be able to fulfill the objective. The best thing is that double-sided mattresses can also be turned around. The two sides of the mattresses have different firmness levels on each side. Turning them over can give you an option to opt between the two levels of firmness.  

Why Should You Flip Your Mattress?

Resting on a similar surface for an extended period implies that your body ultimately leaves a significant impression. Turning over or turning around the mattress can avoid these impressions as you spread weight all over the bed. 

However, this characteristic works on double-sided mattresses. Turning over prevents steel coils from straining early, resulting in being droopy. 

How Should You Turn Your Mattress Over?

Please turn your mattresses over and around at the same time since the mattresses which can be turned over can turn around again.

What Mattress Types Should Not Be Turned Over?

Keep one thing in mind, do not flip the mattress until or unless it is mainly traded as a double-sided mattress. Mostly latex, pillow-top, memory foam, and hybrid are single-sided. Turning over single-sided mattresses can result in over tension on the relief layer, resulting in inevitable sabotage to the mattress.    

    • Mattresses not made to have flipped over can result in severe discomfort. This type of mattress has foam in the top layer and polyfoam in the other layers. And if you turn them over, you will be sleeping on poly foam which will further cause you severe discomfort. A polymer layer is supporting the first layer of foam, so the polyfoam layer is very sturdy. If the first foam layer is a base, it will result in early damage. Several memory foam mattresses’ first layers also contain different technologies like copper, graphite, and gel. These technologies give out a cooling effect. You will not be able to take advantage of these technologies if you turn them over. a

    • Mixed mattresses have almost a few inches of top later and a layer of cold as their base. Such mattresses mix the details of memory foam or innerspring or latex mattresses. Mixes are bulky, as they encompass a lot of components. Turning them over will develop more pressure on the top layer and destroy it.  

    • Several latex mattresses can be turned over. But you don’t have to turn them over because they take many years to exhibit indications of damage. Before turning over your fresh mattress, talk to the company to make sure if turning it over will not sabotage it, as all latex mattresses can be turned over.  


The entire article concludes that different mattresses can and cannot flip over and around, as they might cause you severe discomfort. If the user manual, which comes along with the mattress, doesn’t have any guidelines about turning over and around the mattresses, you must contact the company. 

I hope this article helped you to get a goodnight’s sleep.