Do Men And Women Lie Differently?


Some Reasons Attached To Speaking A Lie Include:

    • A person may lie if they want to escape punishment for a wrong action committed purposefully or by mistake. You also lie when you feel scared of being punished due to your wrongful acts. 
    • People may lie to get small rewards that would not be otherwise possible. For example, kids at times lie about their achievements to get a prize. 
    • You may at times lie to save someone from punishment. 
    • At times, people lie to boast about themselves. Small lies may create an image that portrays you as the best and gain popularity and admiration. 
    • People may lie when they find themselves in some awkward situation where they can’t say ‘No.’ 
    • People will also tell a lie if someone wants to get away from embarrassment. 
    • At times, people lie to maintain privacy and to hide facts.

Men And Women Lie Differently

There is a lot of difference when men and women lie. Men generally lie about their physique, money, power, and strength. As a result, they typically increase the reference numbers and look more prosperous and powerful. Women, on the contrary, lie to reduce specific parameters. For example, they will speak lies to reduce their age or weight and feel younger. While at work, males and females both lie to conceal facts and spread some rumors. They may both spread gossip and misinformation. They lie at times to avoid specific responsibilities, portray themselves to have great power, protect their jobs, get into the boss’s good books, represent themselves to be a team worker, and misrepresent facts to gain promotions. Generally, all these lies are for personal benefit. Both may tend to exaggerate their achievements to get the desired position. But it is observed that at the workplace, it is men who tell a lie for self-benefit. They boast about their achievements, salaries, and power to portray them as the best in the group. Women may also tell such lies, but the lies are generally “other-oriented.” They may lie to protect others’ feelings. They usually do not fake their feelings. They are always friendly and smiling, which might turn out to be deceptive. So men are generally the “bigger” liars, but it also depends on the negative effect that the lie has.

Who Is A Good Liar?

The characteristics of a good liar include deceiving others and lying on the face without being apparent. People generally lie to people who are close to them. They prefer to lie while talking to each other rather than on a message. They generally do not provide too much information and try and stay near the fact. White lies are the most common lies. People tend to exaggerate, hide information, and pretend things that are not factual. 

What Happens When You Lie?

We all know that lying slowly overpowers the personality if we say it often. The nerve cells that transmit signals throughout the body generate a negative thought when we lie. The response shown by the body may include avoiding eye contact, getting out of breath, slouching, or sweating. Again, it is because of the motor neuron signals connecting organs and muscles throughout the body. The Glial cells guide these neurons, and they flash a red flag. So it may be hard to detect when you are lying, but all the behavioral changes can determine that the person is lying. Being indifferent is a common characteristic when you are lying. Do you know, lying is much more challenging than speaking the truth? Our nervous system has to exert more energy to take care of the behavioral changes. 


We have lied at least once in our lives. Both men and women can lie, and saying who is a better liar is very subjective. Men generally lie for their benefits, while studies suggest that women lie for others’ benefits. There are so many signs that indicate a person is lying. You may look out for their body language, eye contact, facial expressions, look out for contradictory statements, and watch out for a change in pitch. Liars generally avoid details about facts and pause between speeches. You may also notice the movement of the eyeballs and see if they distract from the main topic. They will appear nervous and disinterested. Lying must not become a part of your personality. Always stick to what is true and stay positive!