Dealing With Bad Neighbors


Getting good and helping neighbors is undoubtedly something that everyone wishes for, but very few get that. Getting to live beside people with whom you enjoy and can ask for help is a blessing. Many times we get rough neighborhoods, which are not compassionate enough and only add to our pain. In such times, staying calm and controlling your temper is very difficult. But not doing it can lead to far-reaching implications. And after seeing yourself in such a miserable state, all you would want to do is sell off your house and shift somewhere else to escape the torture. But the good news is that there are ways to resolve disputes and keep them from occurring in the future.

Voice The Happenings Gently

Your discomfort is undoubtedly known to you, but probably your neighbors are going through just another typical day in their life. Your neighbors might not even know what your problems are and how to help. It is not always necessary that your neighbors are disturbing you intentionally. 

Without much thinking, go ahead and clearly state your problems. Please don’t be vague and let them know your demands straight away. You can’t expect someone to read your mind. So, please make an effort to let them know about their actions that are disturbing you. But in this case, you should also be willing to compromise.

For instance, if your neighborhood teenager practices the drums. You will always be pleased if you never had to hear that noisy beats again, but it is also completely illogical if you expect that they would stop practicing just for the sake of your peace. So negotiating and compromising are also undoubtedly important. 

Communication Is Necessary

In all sectors of our life, communication plays a significant role in our daily life. Going to your neighborhood, introducing yourself, and stating your problems is a perfect thing in the first place. But if that is not the case and you can’t reach out to them because of different work timings and issues like that, try writing out letters or emails. 

Always maintain a polite tone while addressing your issues and needs. Leaving notes is also a good way. And most of the time, people do their best to make the necessary changes and help you accommodate. 

Be A Helping Hand

Have you ever noticed that the grass on your neighbor’s lawn is too long? It can be an excellent chance to have a good bonding between you and your neighbor by offering to help out. It will also initiate the process of building trust and being helpful towards one another. Helping them carry their armful of groceries or getting their backyard in shape always leaves a good impression. And ultimately, that helps in deciding their behavior towards us.

Offering to help out by getting out of our way will never make us small. But it can make us look big in other people’s eyes. Sometimes there are problems which you cannot solve yourself. Helping out will also give your neighbors the time and even the inclination to provide a second thought to your problems. 

Get To Know Them Better

Caring starts with getting to know better. In case you don’t know your neighbor on a personal level, or you have never exchanged a few good words with each other, this is your chance to take the first step. Invite them to your house to have a meal. Or you can also invite them over while you are having barbecues. 

And if inviting them doesn’t seem to be a perfect idea, you can always take with yourself a bottle of wine and a special dish made by you to their doorstep and introduce yourself. Getting to know each other will allow you to be more considerate by giving you less trouble. 

Document The Problem

If you are already done with trying out the steps mentioned above and are also done with asking them politely to control their nuisances, this might be the time to take some serious steps. Even if their pet dog shouts in the middle of the night or late-night partying with loud music or if your neighbors throw their garbage on your lawn and does something that violates the laws and leases, document it. 

By documenting the problem, you will help yourself by backing up solid proof of the nuisance. Also, get in touch with other neighbors and see if anyone is on your side and facing the same trouble. The stronger the evidence, the more are your chances to overcome this trouble. 

Take Legal Help

In case you find your neighbor violating city ordinances, take the pain to write a letter with proper proofs and submit it to the concerned authorities. You can even get a mediator to solve the problems by talking it out. Call the cops in case of severe issues. You can also go to some local claims court to get justice and have a peaceful life ahead. 


Like any other relationships, the bottom line deals with a bad neighborhood and proper communication. However, there are always some people on Earth who remain unreasonable at all costs. Attempting to work it out with bad neighbors is fine. But you always have the options of tolerating the nuisances, taking legal help, or choose to change your location. So at the end of the day, the decision is yours.