Bison Charges Nine-Year-Old Girl


A bison charged at nine-year-old girl and threw her high into the air, resulting in injuries from the bison attack. This occurred in Yellowstone National Park in the north west United States.

The incident was captured on video and shows the colossal wild animal grazing on a hillside before seeing two adults and the child on a path ahead. Dust was visibly rising from its haunches as it gallops towards the group when it started to charge.

According to the individual that recorded the incident, the two adults – who are the child’s parents, can be seen sprinting away amid screams, leaving the 9-year-old in the path of the charging buffalo.

The bison smashes into her at a high pace, effortlessly lofting the child high into the air. The girl involuntarily performs a complete flip before crashing to the ground.

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