Best Cities For Electric Bicycles


We are all getting accustomed to the fast pace changes that the future holds! Technology has been a great boon for our lives, whether in medicine, energy sources, or ideas to keep us active. One such breakthrough is the electric bike. You may have already seen them running around the city. But is it worth a buy?

It is also known as an ‘e-bike’ or a power bike, and it is a mascot for green transportation. It’s more than what regular cycling offers. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries and can run up to a speed of 28 mph, which is faster than the speed of a cycle so that you can reach the destination quicker without being tired. An e-bike offers pocket-friendly, energy-saving, and pollution-free transportation coupled with health benefits.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Switching To An E-Bike:

You reach the destination faster than the average speed of traffic: The ever-increasing traffic in cities leads to traffic jams at peak hours. Here comes the savior- the e-bike. It will get you to your destination faster, steering you through the traffic. The battery-operated bike is a perfect solution to avoid traffic.

Improve the sedentary lifestyle: Purchasing a battery-operated bicycle means that you are taking out a portion of the day for physical activity. It has a pedal boost feature that gives you freedom of the amount of effort you want to exert.

You can thus operate on a low intensity to medium intensity while you ride. High levels of pedal boost help you reach the target destination quickly. This lifestyle change can help you lead a healthy life. Regular physical activity will help in proper blood circulation, build the core muscles, help you relieve stress, and feel elated. 

Cycle for more prolonged durations: Once charged fully, a battery-operated bike can take you up for a long ride. It helps you to build on your endurance. If not a battery-operated bike, you may over exhaust yourself and give up on the health goals. Slowly and steadily, such a workout enables the body to increase the metabolic rate and, in turn, build muscles.

Great as a family ride: An electric bike is suitable for any family member; unlike sports, cycles have a different design for men and women. The electric cycle is adaptable to any demographic. A conventional two or four-wheeler requires a specialized skill set to drive them. The electric bicycle can be used easily by anyone to commute around the city. It proves to be an excellent value for money.

Doing your bit for the environment: Global warming is emerging as a significant problem in modern times. Riding an electric cycle to commute from one place to another helps you contribute to the environment. You help reduce the carbon emissions in your surroundings. Every time you ride your electric cycle, you are contributing your bit towards Mother Nature.

Cut down on expenses: If you use the e-bike instead of an energy-driven vehicle, you save a lot of money. Petrol and diesel are costly, and the prices keep increasing as time passes. E-bikes run on affordable batteries, which help you cover 18-50 miles after a full charge. Improves blood circulation and reduces stress: Using the battery-operated bikes helps in a consistent workout for the muscles. It leads to an increased metabolic rate and also increases blood circulation throughout your body. Regular exercise helps in releasing stress, and the body feels rejuvenated. 

Best Cities To Have An E-Bike

As we have discussed the enormous benefits of riding the battery-operated bike, let us also discuss the best cities in the US to drive an e-bike.

  1. New York: New York is the hub of public transport and has adopted the trend of e-biking. The densely populated city with around 8.6 million people needs an alternative solution at the earliest. E-bikes make the ride enjoyable when you wish to stroll through Central Park.
  2. Los Angeles: Los Angeles is well known for its traffic jams. With a vast population of 3.9 million, the city has 1,190 miles of bikeways especially designed for e-bikers to travel through the scenic town. It runs along the ocean side, and the bikers can enjoy the cool breeze.
  3. Tucson, Arizona: Tucson is a Sonoran Desert city surrounded by mountain ranges. In such an arid climate, e-bikes help boost the body’s stamina. There is a 700+-mile bikeway made through the hills. A ride through the Santa Catalina Mountains is beautiful.
  4. Seattle, Washington: Seattle is also known as the Emerald City as it has a beautiful combination of nature and urban life. E-bikes help you cover all the coordinates on the map. From the forests to the beaches, e-bikes allow exploring the terrain to its fullest.

  1. Washington DC: The capital city offers a great ride to the bikers. E-bikes have lately become a popular mode of transportation in the District of Columbia as it has developed 48 miles of bike lanes. E-bikes allow you to reach the destination well on time.
  2. Austin, Texas: E-bikes are gaining popularity because of the increasing population in the city. E-bikes run through the Lance Armstrong Bikeway and other 325 miles of dedicated bike lanes.
  3. San Francisco, California: The people of the Golden Gate City have an excellent love for the e-bike. The pedal assistance helps the riders glide through the fog and reach the rolling hilltops. The city has around 200+ mile bikeways that make the ride joyful while exploring the uphill.
  4. Boulder, Colorado: The city boasts of beautiful mountain ranges. E-bikes are the perfect way to go up the high-intensity bike trails of the Walker’s Ranch. You can easily cover the altitude with the help of pedal assistance.
  5. Portland, Oregon: Portland is a heaven for the cyclist communities. 8% of the population bikes to work daily. The Tilikum Crossing car-free bridge is especially for bikers. The bikeway routes outside the city limits into Forest Park, where you can steer through the mountains.


E-Bikes come in many variants like a mountain bike, cargo bike, folding bike, commuter bike, or a rad power bike. It also comes with a child seat, integrated lights, rear racks, and various motor options. All these facilitate a smooth ride through the scenic cities. Enjoy your ride and contribute your part towards the environment.