Best At Home Security Cameras


When it comes to security, there is a notion that only the VIP deserves it, but is that notion valid for the regular citizens of the country? Did you know that your home is the most vulnerable area and has the highest possibility of crime occurring there? Think about it! The president has a secure bunker, a white house with layers of security, including the digital IT world, and you have a door to protect you. Well, the job description does matter for added security, but your home is precious. It needs protection and security from burglars, robbers, and some psychopaths. 

You can install CCTV cameras to allow 24 X 7 monitoring of the premises recording. Then you can also install an intercom system that will allow you to check who is at the door. Furthermore, sensors can help detect any burglar entering the premises and notify you instantly when you are not home. 

Here are some of the best home security cameras for 2021 with easy installation and lots of benefits:

Wyze Cam (2020)

The Wyze Cam (2020) is an excellent home security camera. Its Pro feature is designed to be installed very easily in even dark rooms and has HD picture quality. It also has 14 days of free motion-based cloud storage, which is more than enough for insurance evaluation. In addition, the recharging microSD card record up to 72 hours is recorded on a loop overwriting the previous footage and collects all the data while recording.

This home security camera can be paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It can also be a sound smoke alarm. 

Key Features:

480x272px video quality

140 degrees viewing angle


Night vision

1080p Full HD front/rear video quality


    • Sharp 1080p resolution
    • Wireless
    • Clear night vision
    • It can connect to Alexa and Google Assistant. 
    • Can detect and alert smoke alarms. 


    • Needs 12V (cigarette lighter) socket

Best video doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell camera is very inexpensive and gives a high-quality view for its low price.

This little camera also works at night with two LED lights helping to brighten the vision. However, most users report much more active daytime performance than nighttime and claim that nighttime performance leaves something desired.

It comes with 19 foot long AV and power cables to plug it into the back of your home factory, the walls, or aftermarket monitor or touchscreen and easily connect to the bolts on the corners of the walls. The camera is waterproof; it has a wide 135-degree viewing angle. 

Key Features

    • Two powerful LEDs
    • 170° viewing angle
    • Easy installation
    • Advanced waterproofing
    • High-resolution images


    • Extremely inexpensive, 
    • high-quality image for the price


    • Nighttime vision not great


    • Best Google Assistant camera

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Nest Cam IQ Indoor home security camera is a good product as it comes with many easy-going tips to make the installation and usage a simple process. First of all, the rearview camera module is wireless, and it comes with an excellent 110-degree viewing angle and has excellent night vision, with LED lighting on both sides of the camera module. 

Many useful features include a toll-free helpline. 

The best feature of this camera is its Google Assistant. Its recharging can pair effortlessly with Google Assistant and Alexa. It also has a built-in google assistant speaker.

Key Features

    • 420p monitor video quality
    • 110 degrees viewing angle
    • Smart Display
    • Night vision
    • Google Assistant Speakers


    • Comes with built-in Google Assistant Speakers


    • Requires a more thorough installation

    • Best Siri-enabled camera

Indoor-Outdoor Logitech Circle 2

The Indoor-outdoor Logitech Circle 2 is an excellent choice if you’re comfortable with performing a self-installation. It owns good specs and features, along with a wired camera’s inherent speed and reliability, all for an affordable price. The camera has a sharp 1080p resolution, LEDs to help with night time vision, and a wide 149-degree field of view.

A few home security cameras can pair with Apple’s intelligent house platform, HomeKit, including answering Assistant Goggles from a HomePod active speaker.

Key Features

    • HD 1080P Home Security Camera 
    • Waterproof 
    • Super Night Vision


    • Sharp 1080p resolution.
    • Two-year warranty.
    • Easy Siri connection


    • Requires a more thorough installation

Smart Home Pick

Canary Pro 

Canary offers a single camera that could offerAssistantatures and environmental sensors for smart home security. This module is the best for stable resolution, a wide-angle view. The IP69K camera comes with two LEDs to help brighten the view and operate in temperatures from -68˚F to 176˚F. A higher spend can offer you more reversing lights and a larger screen. 

Suppose you pay for the Canary Premium Service program (around $10 a month). In such a case, the camera obtains entrance to 30 days of cloud video area alternatively of the particular day combined with the free service. In addition, you can also download videos and open two-way audio, although these are frequently free peculiarities with other companies. Altogether, the premium plan is good but a bit too costly for the appended advantages.

Key Features

    • 480x272px Video quality 
    • 140 degrees viewing angle
    • Wireless 
    • Night vision


    • Wireless
    • Higher resolution than some


    • It could be more attractive

Best Solar Camera

Reolink Argus 3 Pro

The Reolink Argus 3 Pro, this camera is rechargeable, and the battery works on solar energy, so you have plenty of versatility about where to install it. However, the camera does not have a detachable battery like Arlo Pro 4 and Ring Stick Up Cam. Therefore, you cannot exchange a spare when required. Furthermore, in our expertise, the battery depletes instantly if you record or stream video regularly without the solar panel accomplice. 

Key Features

    • Wireless
    • Stable and Vivid Image
    • Super Night Vision
    • Distance Scale Lines


    • Affordable (particularly the solar panels)
    • Great video quality
    • Gleaming spotlight
    • MicroSD video storage


    • No detachable battery
    • No motion zones

Best Outdoor Camera

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is cable-free, so you hold a ton of versatility wherever you place it. And it runs about $100, presenting it as one of the most cost-effective safety cameras you can use both inside and outside.

We believe that the Stick Up Cam Battery is most suitable for people that require an outdoor wireless camera on a budget. Ring also possesses one of the most aggressive cloud storage plans in the market, requiring just $3 per month for 60 days of accommodation. It is an excellent cable-less camera for an Alexa intelligent home, although we would prefer it better if it approved Google Assistant as Arlo cameras do.

Key Features

    • Waterproof camera
    • Good video quality
    • Decent low-light performance
    • Easy license plate installation


    • Auto-lighting LED 
    • Water-resistant
    • Activated Motion Sensors 
    • Compatible with Alexa


    • Randomly turns off
    • Low Battery Life 
    • The charging process is not easy. 

Best Privacy Pick

 YI Dome Camera U

Amtico HD home security system comes with up to 4 cameras; this is the ultimate RV home security camera. The 1080P video signals from these cameras can travel nearly 300m, meaning they still have enough range when the radio waves need to negotiate the structures of a vehicle.

With an IP69 rating, each design of the cameras is to withstand the outdoors.

Its most significant growth over the initial YI Dome Camera is a firm privacy screen you can close to block the camera from taping when you need more privacy and space. It also connects the SD card, which can record a loop from up to four cameras, including a 32GB SD card that records 68 hours in this dual-camera arrangement.

Key Features

    • 1080p camera Video quality
    • The viewing angle is 150 degrees 
    • Wireless 
    • Night vision


    • Works with vehicles around 20m/60ft
    • Up to 4 channels
    • Looped Record option


    • No cons


Home security cameras are vital that all new intelligent homes require since 2018 must have one installed as standard equipment. Sometimes living in a bad neighborhood can also play a factor in up the home security, but crime around a good neighborhood has also increased. Hence, setting a budget aside to upgrade your home security from a manual lock to establishing eyes and ears is a priority. 

When connecting cable-less protection cameras, keep in mind that the intelligent house camera you purchase (and your safety system as a whole) will be as stable as the condition of your Wi-Fi broadband at the position where you intend to fit it. So monitor your Wi-Fi pace before you dig holes in the walls or contrarily mess up your framework, brick, or siding. For example, suppose the connection is uneven on your wireless safety camera. In that case, you will notice notable lag intervals, pixelation in the activity feed, and other obstructions that make security cameras charging torture to use.