Best Affordable Bluetooth Headphones

There is a wide range of Bluetooth headphones on the market, and most of them offer excellent features. With new products launching every few months, choosing the right device could be a little confusing. Worry not, as this write up will help you in making a suitable and affordable decision. 

Here’s a list of the best affordable Bluetooth headphones currently available on the market.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Cost: $99.99

Anker is one of the leading brands in the industry of sound, and one of its sub-brands is Soundcore which is known for its high-quality products. This particular model offers Bluetooth version 5.0 for the wireless connection. Offering 28 hours of battery life; it takes up to 2 hours to charge entirely by using a wired charger and about 3.5 hours if charged by using the wireless charging alternative which is the charging case that it comes with. You can easily listen to music for 2 hours with just a 10-minute charge.

Also, it comes with an inbuilt microphone and a cVc 8.0 Noise reduction technology that significantly reduces ambient noise and thus, improves the quality of calls. There are two color options; black and white and the product also comes with an 18 months warranty. The Bluetooth range is 10 meters, and the earbuds are also certified with IPX5 for water resistance. The user can easily manage calls and music through its touch assistance as well as by activating voice control. It is quite evident that Soundcore Liberty Air 2 will bring forth some of the best features at an affordable price. 

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Cost: $199.95

In the universe of Bluetooth sound devices, Beats is one of the best-concerning design and performance. With just a single charge, these can play 40 hours of music. Additionally, they also offer a quick charge feature in which 5 minutes of charge allows 3 hours of usage. These Bluetooth headphones are significantly lightweight, weighing only 215 grams, offering adjustable fitting, and cushioned cups will allow the user to wear them all day comfortably. 

They also come with a flat-fold design which makes the device easily portable. They provide excellent noise isolation, sound clarity, and boost bass. The on-ear controls allow the user to attend calls and manage music without any discomfort. You can choose from three stylish color options- Citrus red, Matte Black, and Rose Gold. This ultra-modern, power-packed, durable, wireless headphone is undoubtedly a great budget-friendly option with top-notch features. 

Apple AirPods Pro

Cost: $249

The all-new Apple AirPods Pro is now available with a customizable fitting which allows comfortable usage for every single user. It offers active noise canceling, excellent sound clarity, and functions with Bluetooth version 5.0. The listening time with a one-time charge is about 4.5 hours, and that with the charging case is 24 hours. The controls are also designed in a very easy-to-use manner allowing the user to pause, play, skip forward and backward without much hassle. It has an always-on Siri facility, allowing the user an even more accessible usage. This in-ear headphone delivers a bunch of useful sensors such as dual optical sensors, motion detection accelerometer, speech detection accelerometer, force sensors, etc. You can also switch between the active noise cancellation and transparency mode, which gives the user a benefit of choice. They are water and sweat-resistant with an IPX4 rating. Weighing only 2.5 grams, the Apple AirPods offer some surpassing features. Another impressive facility is that you can customize your charging case by engraving your initials, favorite emoji, etc. 

Anker Wireless Headphones Spirit X

Cost: $25.99

This is yet another high-quality product by Anker, which will not cost you a fortune. The super-soft Ear Tips and Gentle Ear Hooks allow the user to enjoy a comfortable fitting all day long. Just a single charge ensures 12 hours of playback music which makes its battery extremely powerful. It functions with Bluetooth Version 5.0 and offers an extraordinary sound quality. Additionally, it comes with an IPX7 Sweat Guard Technology which does not allow sweat to stay on the device and make it corrosive. Along with that, it is also water-resistant, so you can easily jog in the rain while listening to your favorite beats. 

There are two color options to choose from- Black and Red. Besides, it comes with extra earbuds in different sizes to make sure that every user can find their perfect fit. In addition to the earbuds, you also get a shirt clip, two cable clips, a micro USB cable, and a pouch to keep the headphones. The buyer also gets a warranty of 18 months which allows them to get free and friendly customer service. Considering its brilliant audio quality, long-lasting battery, sweat and water resistance technology, it is safe to say that this is the perfect headset for sports and gym enthusiasts. 

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

Cost: $179.99

This in-ear sound device is designed in a compact, stylish, and easy-to-use way. It comes with a charging case that offers a total of 24 hours of battery backup, and within this, the earbuds can be charged completely four times. A single charge allows 5.5 hours of usage. It is compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows. It uses the latest Bluetooth Version 5.0 and comes with IPX5 water, sweat, and dust resistance technology. The user can activate the Noise Cancellation feature as per their preference and convenience. It has a built-in microphone for stereo phone calls, and it also allows instant voice control facilities like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistance.

It is a significantly lightweight device, weighing only 5.5 grams which makes it very comfortable for daily use. The Jabra Elite 75T comes with a charging case, USB C charging cable, extra ear gels, and a warrant card. Various color options are available such as Mint, Navy, Copper Black, Gold Beige, etc. This particular product is designed for music lovers as it ensures a high-quality listening experience coupled with comfortable fitting and accessible controls. 

Sony WH-CH710N

Cost: $199.99

Over the years, Sony has established its name in the sound industry for its brilliant audio quality and sustainable features. Living up to such standards, the Sony WH-CH710N is jammed with great features at an affordable price. It is a wireless, noise cancellation headphone that allows you to enjoy your listening experience without any distractions. It has exceedingly long battery life. Once completely charged, you can use these for 35 hours. Besides, a 10 minute long quick charge allows 1 hour of playback music. 

It uses Bluetooth Version 5.0 and supports voice control which helps in managing music and phone calls with the help of Google Assistance. It is a lightweight headset as it weighs only 233 grams. It has an ingenious and comfortable design. With the cushioned, oval-shaped ear pads, the user can easily wear them all day without feeling any discomfort or inconvenience. It also has a built-in Mic which ensures hands-free and hassle-free calling. It comes with a Type C charging cable and a warrant of one year. With all these features, these headphones are perfect for daily use as well as for gaming. 

What should one look for in headphones?

While choosing audio devices, the following features should be considered before investing:

  • Sound quality – clarity, active noise cancellation, bass, etc.
  • Bluetooth – version, effectively range. 
  • Comfort – size, design, fitting, and form.
  • Accessibility – voice control, touch control, etc.
  • Battery Life – playback duration, time taken for a full charge.
  • Resistance – IPX rating of dust, sweat, and water resistance. 
  • Durability – the overall life span of the device.  
  • Microphone – calling quality, lag, etc.

Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity has taken over the world of audio devices. It is not only convenient to use but also easily portable and comes with advanced features. The designs have also gotten much more fashionable yet comfortable. The battery life and accessibility have also improved drastically in almost all the audio devices. In addition to these, other features like microphone, resistance powers, etc have also been found in most of them. All of this tells us that the sound industry is not just limited to audio quality anymore. All brands are competing to provide extraordinary features to enhance the listening experience of their consumers. And in this competition, buyers often feel confused and overwhelmed while making a choice. However, the above-given information and the list of outstanding products will certainly make your buying process more manageable. Happy shopping!