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8 Best Wine Clubs For 2023

Are you a wine connoisseur looking to explore some new wine clubs? Look no further! Whether searching for a one-time gift, an ongoing subscription, or just an occasional splurge, this post has something for everyone. This list contains options from around the globe that offer varied reds, whites, rosés, organic wines, and more! Not only will you enjoy amazing bottles, but some also come with fun bonuses such as glasses and magazines. So pop open that bottle of Pinot Noir and read on to discover some of the best wine clubs for 2023!

How Wine Clubs Work

Wine clubs are an interesting option for wine lovers who don’t have the time or resources to explore the vast world of vintages themselves. Essentially, being a member of a wine club involves prearranging a subscription or membership with a particular provider. Members may have access to exclusive discounts and ship-out periods, limited-edition wines, highly rated bottles, and more, depending on the wine club.

With many providers offering flexible delivery and payment plans, joining a wine club could be the perfect way to find your new favorite bottle without ever stepping foot in a store. Some clubs even offer comprehensive educational material related to learning about wine and hosting tastings. In most cases, however, members will be sent selections tailored to their tastes or preferences and what’s in season.

Best Wine Clubs For 2023

If you have tried searching for wine clubs online, you know there are almost too many options. To make matters easier, here is a brief look at some of the best wine clubs available this year.


Wine Clubs

For those passionate about discovering new wines from around the world, FirstLeaf wine club is a great choice. With an expertly curated selection of wines crafted by small-scale vineyards and winemakers, FirstLeaf prides itself on offering a unique and diverse selection of wines you wouldn’t find in typical stores or restaurants. The convenience factor with the wine club is also huge—you can customize your selection according to your tastes and have the box delivered right to your doorstep.

Plus, each time you order, you get personalized recommendations so you can explore even more different types of wines with each shipment. In short, if you’re looking for a convenient way to expand your understanding of the expansive world of wines, becoming a member of FirstLeaf Wine Club is something to consider.


Wine Clubs

Joining the VineBox wine club is a great way to expand your knowledge of everything related to the amazing world of wine. Their monthly subscriptions will allow you to explore different varieties and regions, with each shipment featuring three unique wines carefully curated for your taste. This membership is unique because their wines are served by the glass and come in cute, air-tight tubes that can be stored in your fridge until you’re ready to open them.

Not only do they provide an excellent selection and high-quality service, but members also have access to their Wine Smart program, which allows you to get personalized recommendations and educational content about different wines. With VineBox, learning about wine has never been easier or more enjoyable!

Plonk Wine Club

Wine Clubs

Plonk Wine Club is revolutionizing how people purchase and drink wine. By offering subscriptions for the delivery of organic, biodynamic, natural, and low-intervention wines to their members’ doorsteps, Plonk is tapping into a movement that is gaining more and more momentum – the desire to consume natural products with fewer impurities.

With high-quality wines at reasonable prices, Plonk provides access to an exciting range of flavors while supporting sustainable wine production practices. Join them today to experience an innovative approach to buying and enjoying wine!

Ninety Plus Cellars

Wine Clubs

Ninety Plus Cellars offers a unique twist on quality wines. Founded in 2010, they have created a different model to bring fine wines directly to their customers. Instead of creating wines from scratch, Ninety Plus Cellars purchases a portion of bottles from well-known vineyards that typically have only offered their products through higher-end stores or restaurants.

This allows them access to high-grade wines at a fraction of the cost. Even better, their selections change every three months, ensuring new and exciting options for customers to explore! So if you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy quality wines from around the world, then Ninety Plus Cellars is one wine club you won’t want to miss out on.

Bright Cellars

Wine Clubs

Bright Cellars is a wine membership that helps members discover hidden gems from all corners of the world. Through their one-of-a-kind pairing algorithm, every wine comes packed with detailed information about the region, complementary flavors, and other fun facts guaranteeing an enriching experience.

Aimed at a diverse set of wine lovers wary of routine, members are given creative freedom in selecting how daring they want each month’s shipments to be while paying one flat price regardless of their selections. With the unique, expertly curated offerings of Bright Cellars, there’s something for everyone – it’s truly a glass full every night!

Naked Wines

Wine Clubs

Naked Wines offers an inventive solution for wine lovers looking to acquire exclusive, award-winning bottles from independent winemakers. Merging modern convenience with the opportunity to save money, Naked Wines side-steps traditional retail stores, shipping directly from passionate vintners and offering customers over 150 unique and celebrated wines.

From tastings to expert pairs, Naked Wines provides a tailored means of discovering first-hand the flavor of esteemed winemakers worldwide. With their ever-changing selection of rare finds, you can discover a new favorite without leaving your home.


Winc is an innovative wine delivery service that was established to revolutionize how people shop and discover new wines. It’s a personalized wine club that curates a selection of wine perfectly tailored to an individual’s preferences. Their talented team of wine experts applies their knowledge and experience in the industry while selecting the most flavorful wines from all over the world.

The process is simple, and customers can receive their order conveniently in one or two days, hassle-free. What sets Winc apart is its mission to excite consumers’ taste buds with amazing wines and educate them on the process. With Winc, members can learn about wine production and explore new regions one sip at a time.

Martha Stewart Wine Co.

Martha Stewart Wine Co., founded in 2014, has become a leader in offering affordable and accessible wines to everyday consumers. With carefully curated selections from California to France – Martha Stewart Wine Co. makes it easy for wine novices to find bottles that fit their tastes and gives expert sommeliers plenty of options for new discoveries.

From lightly sweet rosés to bold tannat wines, there’s something special to be discovered at Martha Stewart Wine Co. Their consistently crisp, clean, and smooth production methods ensure consistent quality in each bottle and every vintage. Various price points are also available, so every budget can find something they love.

Give One Of The Best Wine Clubs For 2023 A Try!

These are just a few of the best wine clubs for 2023. So whether you’re a novice just getting into the world of wine or an experienced sommelier, these clubs can help you find the perfect bottle. From expertly curated selections to affordable prices and unique pairing algorithms, there’s something out there for everyone – all you have to do is open a bottle and explore. And if you are curious about pricing, many of these clubs have introductory offers, making it easy to test them before committing. So why not give one a try? Here’s to discovering your new favorite wine! Cheers!