6 Largest Ponzi Schemes Of The 21st Century

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Allen Stanford – $7 Billion

Allen had the brilliant idea of introducing himself as the heir of Leland Stanford, the founder of Stanford University in California. By doing so, he charmed and impressed people. Shortly after, he would funnel their money to his own banks in Antigua and other exotic locations. He even paid off numerous politicians to cover up his deeds.


Bernard Madoff – $65 Billion

Proclaimed as the worst thief in human history, Madoff leads our list of Ponzi conmen. Starting off as a humble salesman, he slowly worked his way to Wall Street. After developing the NASDAQ system, people started viewing him as a prodigy and financial genius. A reason for this is because he never reported any losses. This seemed suspicious to the FBI. It turns out that he was running the most complex Ponzi scheme ever, netting $65 billion in the process.

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