6 Largest Ponzi Schemes Of The 21st Century

Scott Rothstein – $1.2 Billion

This particular Ponzi scheme is most famous because it’s the largest lawyer-orchestrated scam ever. Once a respected lawyer from Florida, Rothstein developed an elaborate Ponzi scheme, spanning many years. By attracting several thousands of investors, he funded his lavish lifestyle, which ended up blowing his cover. For his shameful activities, Scott is currently serving a 50-year prison sentence.


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Tom Petters – $3.65 Billion

Tom was a dangerous scammer because he was so immensely connected in multiple industries. He owned several wholesale companies, as well as being the CEO of his Petters Group Worldwide. The SEC and FBI got suspicious when his lucrative purchases didn’t stop. If it weren’t for his VP, Deanna Coleman, nobody would have found a thing.

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