5 Elusive Signs You’re Relationship Is Toxic

1. Anxiety Sets In When You Are Apart

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A few hours apart from your significant other and you start to have difficulty making decisions on your own, you realize that you are regularly checking your phone and constantly worrying that something will go wrong. Initially, this would have been seen as a reason to get together (thinking that it feels awesome when you are together as everything just seems so much better), but this is not the case, if you are consistently second guessing yourself when you are not in the presence of your partner, it could be a definite sign that he/she has a good grasp, in a not so good way, on your life-and the decisions that you make, according to Doctor Jill P. Weber.

2. Every Week You Repeat Arguments

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Taking out the trash is your job. You are tried all the time and don’t have the energy to go out and have a date night. These are just examples of the types of topics you argue about, but no matter actual topic of the argument, many couples seem to have these cycle of fights, that just seem to plague the relationship and surface over and over again. Your relationship is definitely on a course with doom, if you are simply arguing for arguing sake and not actually working towards a solution or communicating the core issues so that they can be resolved.

3. Your Relationship Has A Scorecard

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Mark Manson, the author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F#%* says that the scorecard or keeping score phenomenon is when your ‘partner’ continually blames you for past mistakes made in the relationship. If an issue has been resolved it is an extremely toxic habit to consistently bring it back to the surface time and time again, with the direct intention of ‘one-upping’ your partner or even worse trying to embarrass them. If you have already talked out an issue and the guilty party has apologized and ‘moved on’, there is simply no reason for the other partner to unearth it again and again.

4. Not Feeling Like Yourself Lately

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A healthy relationship should indeed bring out the absolute best in everyone. When you and your partner are out painting the town ‘red’ you both should feel confident, carefree and comfortable, not insecure, envious or ignored. Once you have started to feel bad emotionally when hanging with your partner, there may be something toxic going on in that relationship.

5. The Relationship Has You Totally Consumed

You have become way to caught up and obsessed with your new beau – you can not stop thinking about them, and you stress everyday to do everything to make them happy. Dr. Weber suggest that while these type of feelings can be easily confused with what we call love, it can actually be a major toxic relationship indicator. She goes on to say that relationships like this will take over your entire identify and should be recognized as such. A big red flag is isolating your partner fro your family for fear that they won’t understand and insist that it comes to an end. A break from the relationship to recall what made you happy before you connected with your partner would be a good idea, as you determine if you and your partner can actually strive and grow together.