20 Life Hacks You Never Expected


Life hacks are also known as strategies, tricks, techniques, skills, or shortcuts that help us manage our time and increase efficiency and productivity. It is usually a simple and easy tip that you can use to do a familiar task more efficiently. Life hacks are extraordinary methods that will help you save your time and, of course, your money. As these techniques do not demand any extra material, all it requires is what you have with you already. If you start using any life hack, you will surely know how clever it is and how easy it makes your everyday life. So let us tell you some cool hacks that you can adopt in your day-to-day work. 

Easy Removal Of Highlighter Marks

Most of us are in the habit of highlighting words in books. If you wish to get rid of these marks, then here is a simple hack for you. All you need is a lemon and a cotton swab. First of all, cut the lemon, take half of it, and squeeze the juice on the cotton swab. Now run this lemon juice-filled cotton swab over the highlighter stains, and you will watch the color fading. But remember that lemon juice from a container won’t give you the same results. Similarly, if the highlighted text is older, it will be a bit difficult to remove. 

Use Toothpaste To Clear Up Hazy Headlights

Toothpaste not only serves in cleaning teeth. It has many other uses too. For example, if you feel that your car headlights have turned up hazy, you can use toothpaste to clean the car lights. It will make the lights brighter at night.

Identify Your Keys Immediately

Paint both sides of your keys’ head with bright nail polish.

Keep Seeds Fresh

Put the seeds in an airtight container with silica packets to keep them fresh.

Dryer Lint Fire Starter

Fuel, timber, etc., are challenging to find, so to start a fire quickly, use dryer lint.

Zip-Tie Phone Stands

Loop zip-ties around your phone with their heads facing down to make a DIY phone stand.

DIY Drip Waterer

Drill 1/8 inch holes in any hose to use it as a drip-watering hose.

Double Re-Sealable Bags

Use a lighter to heat a butter knife and slice your bag in half to give you two new bags!

Shop Vacuum

If you don’t have an air compressor for inflation purposes, just fit a plastic squeeze bottle over a vacuum hose and use it instead!

Clean Up Paint Marks In Carpets

Use a rag similar in color to the mat, pour some denatured alcohol into it, and the color will transfer to the carpet.

Making Rugs Extra Comfy

Add one layer of carpet padding under your rug. They are cheaper and thicker than a general rug pad.

Waterproof Shoes

Spread beeswax on your boots and melt them with a blowdryer. Now you have waterproof shoes!

Removal Of Gum From Carpets

Freeze the gum with ice cubes and then break it away from the carpet. It’ll leave no mark behind.

Cool Drinks Quickly

Wrapping a wet or damp paper towel around a bottled or canned beverage and putting it in the fridge cools it quicker.

Hydration For Plants

Put old sponges cut to size at the bottom of your plant pot so that they can retain extra moisture and required air spaces.

Make Your Shoes Look New

Use non-gel white toothpaste and scrub your shoes with a brush on your sneakers. Then wipe it off to clean up the white soles.

Make Sandpaper Durable

To make your sandpaper more durable, apply duct tape to its back. It will still be flexible yet strong.

Safely Sweep Up The Glass

Tape the front of your dustpan to the floor while sweeping up the glass with a broom to avoid the line of dust or residue.

Find Lost Valuables

Use some nylon over your vacuum hose secured by a rubber band to find the back of an earring or a pill quickly.

Erase Permanent Marker From Dry Erase Boards

Draw over the permanent marker marks with a dry erase marker, then wipe the marks away with a dry cloth.


Life hacks remove life’s frustrations in innovative and simple ways. The above-listed hacks must have helped you learn some easy and creative techniques to make your daily activities much more comfortable. These life hacks will make your life super easy and help you do your things

quickly. Who will not want to save their money and precious time? Life hacks are the best option for this.