10 Life Skills Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids

4. How To Deal With Overwhelming Emotions

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Hard-to-navigate emotions can be difficult for folks of any age, but those big feelings can feel especially overwhelming for younger ones. That’s why it’s so important for parents to teach their kids how to deal with those feelings in a healthy way.

5. How To Accept Disappointment

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“This is helpful because it innately teaches children to accept that the world is not perfect, and that everything will not go their way,” says licensed therapist Ginger Lavender Wilkerson, LMFT. “Disappointment can be a temporary feeling and [does] not define who they are.”

6. How To De-Stress

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You can’t ensure that your child’s life will be stress-free, but you can—and should—teach them how to cope when they’re reaching their breaking point. “Knowing how to manage stress will reduce the risk for burnout, anxiety, and depression,” says Wilkerson.

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